CoolJet™ Cold Plasma Online Training


Our internationally recognised CoolJet Cold Plasma Online Course covers all the key areas required for all the go-to treatments for Juvenile Acne, Active Acne and Scars, Rosacea, Anti-Ageing, etc. Join the CoolJet family today and become a cold plasma expert.

See below for a Full Course Breakdown.


Product Details

This course covers theory, demonstration and hands-on practical experience to enable delegates to understand the technology and offer treatment for indication. We provide the highest standard of service, knowledge and practice for you to gain the confidence to carry out treatment effectively.

What will the training cover?



  • Understanding plasma
  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Indication suitable for treatment
  • Improvement of the absorption of therapeutic substances
  • Contraindications
  • Treatment protocol, including aftercare
  • Appropriate combing of further treatment options with cold plasma


Carrying out a Consultation:

  • Client selection – including the client’s medical history
  • Skin analysis and pre-treatment considerations
  • Contraindications and cautions to treatments
  • Consenting clients


Demonstration and practical session:

  • Client preparation for treatment
  • Importance of describing the sensation of therapy to clients
  • Effective treatment techniques
  • Health and safety management: including choice of equipment, safe handling of chemicals, and equipment management
  • Number and frequency of treatments
  • Use of homecare products


Treatment records:

  • Maintaining client records
  • Post-treatment advice
  • Importance of treatment insurance


Course Breakdown
Introduction to CoolJet, How to use the CoolJet device, Treatable Conditions, Treatment Protocol and Resources


CoolJet Online Training – 5 Modules, 16 Lessons, 20 Topics and 2 Quizzes

  • Module 1 Introduction – 3 Lessons – 11 Topics
  • Module 2 How to use CoolJet – 3 Lessons – 7 Topics
  • Module 3 Treatable Conditions – 1 Lesson
  • Module 4 Treatment Protocol – 3 Lessons
  • Module 5 Resources – 5 Lessons
  • Final Exam & Practical Assignments – 1 Lesson – 2 Topics
  • CoolJet Final Exam


Don’t Own a Cool Jet by Louise Walsh?
Our training courses are intended for those who already own one of our Cold Plasma Devices so that we can keep customer results consistent.



When purchasing the online option for training, please be aware you are fully certified once your case studies have been uploaded and approved by the Director of Training.

The CoolJet Cold Plasma Certificate you receive as part of your online training is not your full certification, and therefore, you will NOT be insured to perform this treatment. You will be granted your Full Certification once your Director of Training has liaised with you and feels confident in the level of your theoretical and practical skills with CoolJet treatments.

CoolJet will not be responsible or held liable for anyone using a CoolJet device who has not completed the full certification program.

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