PlasmaPen™ Foundation Online Training


Our internationally recognized Foundation Online Course covers all the key areas required for all the go-to treatments for skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing and regeneration.

Join the PlasmaPen family today and become a fibroblast expert.

See below for a Full Course Breakdown.


Product Details

Your Foundation Training will be provided via our online training academy, the Louise Walsh Academy. Here you will do all the required pre-course reading. Following this, you will complete the online course before delivering your first PlasmaPen treatment to a live model whilst being coached by a PlasmaPen Master Trainer over a live-streamed video feed.

All training includes significant pre-course training content and assessment ahead of the course. You will be taken on a very structured journey through the skin, the science and technology of plasma, step-by-steps on all the primary treatments and techniques, pre and post-treatment protocols, risks, marketing and much, much more.

What is included?
• 20 Hours of Online Study
• Anatomy & Physiology Course at no extra cost.
• Lifetime access to our training portal and marketing material
• On-demand support from the dedicated PlasmaPen Customer Success Team
• High-quality, printed training manual
• Prestigious, fully accredited certification with OCN backed Level Accreditation.

Course Breakdown
Initial Anatomy & Physiology Course covering The Skin, Wound Healing, Skin Types, The Lips and Face, Hair, The Lymphatic System, The Endocrine System, The Circulatory System, The Ageing Process, Skin Disorders & Diseases.

Foundation Training – 7 Modules, 15 Lessons, 61 Topics and 13 Quizzes
Module 1) The Theory, Science & Technology behind Plasma Pen – 1 Lesson
Module 2) Treatment, Techniques and Delivery – 5 Lessons – 30 Topics – 5 Assessments
Module 3) Treatment Protocol – 3 Lessons – 17 Topics – 3 Assessments
Module 4) Marketing and Resources – 3 Lessons – 10 Topics – 3 Assessments
Module 5) Video Resources – 1 Lesson – 4 Topics – 1 Assessments
Module 6) Practical Training – 1 Lesson
Module 7) Practical Assignments – 1 Lesson – 1 Assessment

Don’t own a Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International?
Our training courses are intended for those who already own one of our Plasma Devices so that we are able to keep customer results consistent, however we have released two NEW Training Packages for those who own a different branded pen. Please see below:


When purchasing the online option for training please be aware you are not fully certified until your case studies have been uploaded and approved by the Director of Training.

The Anatomy and Physiology Certificate you receive as part of your online training is not your full certification and therefore you will NOT be insured to perform this treatment. You will be granted your Full Certification once your Director of Training has liaised with you and feels confident in the level of your theoretical and practical skills with PlasmaPen treatments.

PlasmaPen will not be responsible or held liable for anyone using a PlasmaPen device who has not completed the full certification program.

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