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The gift of transformation

Plasma Pen™ technology is designed for non-invasive soft-surgery and fibroblasting treatments to underpin next-generation skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, revitalization, contouring and regeneration treatments. Experts agree that the level of detail and predictability of our devices and probes is far superior to any other plasma solution on the market.

Embrace the future of skincare

The CoolJet™ uses a cooler atmospheric temperature so there is ZERO surface trauma. Our advanced CoolJet™ technology and Jet Plasma Super Tip™ allows the CoolJet™ Plasma device to effectively deliver Plasma into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production, remodelling the cellular structure of the skin from the inside out.

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Transforming the anti-aging realm, pioneering hot and cold plasma technologies to break new ground, unveiling unprecedented innovation.

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The Plasma Legacy

The Plasma Pen™ is cutting-edge. It’s the most innovative plasma fibroblasting device on the market today. But that’s not why Louise Walsh is number one. We’re number one because we’ve been breathing and living medical aesthetics for 30+ years.

We understand what boosts our client’s bottom line and, more importantly, what their clients demand.Our global infrastructure, extensive Plasma Pen™ training, unlimited technician support, and financing / trade-in and warranty options help separate us from our imitators.

Where Innovation Meets Aesthetics

Plasma Pen™  by Louise Walsh stands as the pinnacle in advanced plasma technology. Pioneering hot plasma technology, this unique energy output ensures precise applications and outstanding results.

Plasma Pen™  transcends other devices, boasting best-in-class technology developed and tested over seven years by industry leaders.

With Plasma Pen™’s comprehensive marketing, clinical, and business support, it becomes a lucrative investment for practices.

CoolJet Cold Plasma technology marks a skincare revolution, tapping into the influence of cold plasma to revolutionize skin enhancement, unparalleled sterilization and hair regeneration.The remarkable capability of skin enhancement positions CoolJet as a 20 minute solution to all skin requirements, offering an effective approach to skincare that not only rejuvenates but also safeguards against potential skin concerns.

Embrace the future of skincare with CoolJet Cold Plasma technology, where innovation meets results.

What Our Clients Say


“Best training academy and best manufacturer in plasma technology that I researched into when I discovered the amazing effect of skin shrinking with Plasma energy.”

Gillian Kennedy

“I absolutely love my Plasma Pen and the treatments it delivers, I have many happy clients and the ladies in the office are very helpful if you need any help at all.”

Heather Jensen

“PlasmaPenUK LWI and Lou Walsh in particular changed my life and has taken my Fibroblasting to the next level.”

Jade D

“I could not be happier with the training by Plasma Pen. It is extremely thorough & informative, the practical training day was amazing and the trainer did above & beyond.”

Franz Zach

“Amazing. I can’t believe the difference Plasma Pen made. I look 10 years younger.”

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In the meantime, please see our FAQs Page to learn about many of the common questions that we receive from clients & patients.


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