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Why train with PlasmaPen™ by Louise Walsh International?

by LiamSep 30,2020Plasma Pen™ Advice

If you haven’t already heard about the expert PlasmaPen aesthetic training courses provided by Louise Walsh International, then it’s about time these courses were on your radar. Perhaps you’re an aesthetician, new to the industry and looking for an innovative way to kickstart your career. You may even be an experienced treatment provider who is looking for aesthetic training courses to revitalize and expand the services you can offer to your client base. No matter what your motivation is, keep reading to find out why you should train with PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International.

How does the PlasmaPen work?

Louise Walsh International saw a gap in the market for non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and so PlasmaPen was born. If you’re wondering exactly how the PlasmaPen works, we can bring you right up to speed.

PlasmaPen is an innovative, one-of-a-kind fibroblasting device. It transfers nitrogen plasma energy into the skin’s epidermal layer, disturbing the deeper dermal structure, to evenly and accurately distribute plasma over a wide area.

The whole procedure is done via non-invasive processes and without the need for a general anaesthetic. If you’re seeking dermal filler training for non-medical, purely aesthetic purposes, then PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International is the perfect addition to your skillset.

What are the benefits of undergoing this aesthetic training course?

If you are considering investing in this aesthetic training course, we are extremely proud to say that we offer one of the very highest standards of aesthetic training courses available on a worldwide scale. Our reputation and global team mean a lot to us and we work hard to ensure the best of the best for our technicians and their clients.

You can rest assured that with each expertly delivered aesthetic training course, you are provided with your own PlasmaPen device and all of the insight, advice and guidance that you need to go on to deliver these treatments in your own salon.

When you undertake an aesthetic training course with PlasmaPen, our Master Trainers will cover every aspect of PlasmaPen. This includes the innovative technology behind our devices, as well as detailed training on how the skin works.

Once you have completed your aesthetic training course, we don’t just wave goodbye to you. We offer ongoing support from our Master Trainers, as well as a huge breadth of marketing materials and treatment information sheets that can be distributed in your own clinic.

What does the training package include?

By purchasing a PlasmaPen device, you are not only investing in some serious next-level aesthetic training courses, but you are investing in a new lucrative revenue stream.

Your training package includes the following:

  • Your choice of PlasmaPen device
  • An OCN accredited training course
  • A starter kit with 0.4mm nano-probes
  • The aftercare products you require following treatments
  • A stylish branded carry-case
  • The PlasmaPen device stand
  • Supporting marketing information and materials

When you purchase the PlasmaPen aesthetic training course and device package, you receive full access to our expert Master Trainers, as well as continued support from our team of PlasmaPen experts.

How can I train with PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International?

If you’re interested in undertaking an aesthetic training course with us, you’re not only purchasing an opportunity to launch an exciting new part of your career but you’re expanding your treatment offering to your clients.

To learn more about becoming a PlasmaPen technician, head over to our training page and fill out our sign-up form.

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