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Why PlasmaPen™ soft-surgery is the go-to choice versus alternative treatments

by LiamSep 3,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Here at PlasmaPen, we have thousands of fibroblasting technicians around the world who deliver thousands of procedures every single year. This is thanks to the exponential growth and demand for PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments. We are, after all, the only device that customers ask for by name. Read on to find out more about PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments and how they compare to alternative treatments.

Soft-surgery fibroblasting treatments deliver the same effects as invasive treatments

Our plasmologists perform soft-surgical treatments that deliver very similar, or in some cases greater, effects as invasive surgical treatments. Many of the world’s top plastic surgeons, medical aestheticians, and dermatologists actually use our devices for everything from skin tightening to labiaplasty and they find it to be an essential part of their toolkit.

With PlasmaPen, patients are in control of their preferred outcomes to create natural-looking, long-lasting results. Whilst the results of a PlasmaPen treatment may not be permanent, they will typically last around 3 years.

For most clients, PlasmaPen affords significant cost savings compared to the comparable alternatives thanks to these enduring results. It is a quick, easy, and very low-risk procedure with minimal discomfort or side- effects, and our devices are absolutely proven to deliver the shortest downtimes, the fastest recovery periods, and the most optimal results anywhere on the market. No injectable aesthetic is required and there are no scalpels, no cutting or ablation of the skin and there is no stitching or suturing. This is why PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments are referred to as “soft surgery”.

In this article, we will aim to explain the key differences between PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments and some of the most popular invasive treatments that you may be familiar with.

Laser Treatments

Unlike laser resurfacing, plasma is completely uniform and does not damage the surrounding tissue. There is no thinning of the skin and no open wound. Plasma is also non-chromophore dependent so it is not reliant on interacting with the parts of our molecules that are responsible for skin colour. With our nitrogen plasma treatments, we deliver completely predictable and fully controlled heat energy that avoids the excessive collateral thermal injury sometimes associated with chromophore dependent laser-tissue interaction. Also, the collagen fibres that are formed by our plasma line up perpendicular to the skin’s surface (instead of horizontal or skewed) and this is their optimal orientation.

Dermabrasion and Chemabrasion Treatments

PlasmaPen creates controlled micro-trauma that works to injure the tissue of the skin in a way that is much more precise and predictable than dermabrasion or chemabrasion. This is how PlasmaPen works to create natural and younger-looking skin. Laser treatments and chemical peels can leave the skin thinner, lighter, pigmented and/or too shiny. Some of the various risks associated with dermabrasion include bleeding, infection and enlarged pores. Although rarer, it can cause excessive scarring and keloids.

Microneedling Treatments

PlasmaPen is completely different to microneedling as it results in no open wound or blood loss. As a result of this, PlasmaPen treatments have a minimal risk of infection. With nitrogen plasma, we are able to work at a very precise and predictable depth of tissue micro-trauma, which means we can treat many areas that are too small or difficult to microneedle.

Microneedling uses a cassette of needles, usually around an inch across, whereas our PlasmaPen has the world’s most pinpoint treatment area of as little as 0.2mm. So when treating lip lines or crepe-like skin under the eye, we can target those exact lines with precision and very easily get into the contours. You simply can’t do that with a micro-needling device. Furthermore, micro-needling typically requires multiple treatments and top-ups. The treatments often do not last anywhere near as long as a PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatment – usually just 1 to 3 months as opposed to a PlasmaPen treatment that can last up to 3 years. The derma-rolling process often delivers an uneven, sloped, and curved direction of needles over the skin and this can cause damaging epidermal trenches, pain, inflammation, and greatly extended healing times.

Hifu and RF Treatments

PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International stimulates Collagen I and Collagen III production to deliver spectacular clinical outcomes both to the epidermis and the dermis. This is different from options such as Hifu and RF which tend to focus on the dermis. As a result of this, the results of a PlasmaPen treatment can be seen almost immediately unlike RF and Hifu treatments which may take months to develop. Due to the emitted radiation of the high-energy radio frequencies involved with RF, clients may require sedation during a procedure and poor application can cause epidermal dents/pitting. Depending on the particular RF device and the profile of the user; fat necrosis and atrophic scarring are also potential issues. PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments negate all of these risks.

Botox and Filler Treatments

Botox and fillers are absolutely fantastic and they definitely can make for a great combination treatment when used alongside PlasmaPen, especially on areas like nasolabial folds. Unlike Botox and fillers, PlasmaPen treatments are unable to add or create volume in the skin, nor does it rely on manipulating the muscle. However, with PlasmaPen, we can work on lines that are simply too close to the brows for Botox to be used. Botox really isn’t the best at treating those facial lines which are apparent when you completely relax your face since those wrinkles are independent of muscle movements. The effects of PlasmaPen last far longer lasting than Botox which only lasts a few months compared to our 3 years or so and the various adverse reactions to Botox (like dry mouth, neck pain, muscle spasms, droopy eyelids, and substance migration) just don’t occur with a PlasmaPen treatment.

Innovative facial treatments with PlasmaPen

Here at PlasmaPen, we are proud to say that our soft-surgery fibroblasting treatment results in minimal amounts of pain, particularly compared to treatments such as micro-needling and RF. Our PlasmaPen technicians are also able to safely work on the eyelids, unlike many traditional aesthetic treatments. Following a PlasmaPen treatment, many of our clients benefit from natural-looking results that last significantly longer than most other medi-aesthetic procedures.

PlasmaPen, and our incredible HyaPenPro device, works as an outstanding complementary treatment that can be used alongside a variety of different surgical and non-surgical treatments. Here at PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International, we have perfected the PlasmaPen technique which enables our PlasmaPen technicians to deliver incredible results, time after time. Speak to our helpful team to find out more about the incredible treatments that can be delivered with the PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International. Email us today at info@plasmapen.com or call +44 (0)1704 579 800.

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