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Why is Aftercare Important After PlasmaPen?

by Plasma Pen UKJul 19,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice

skin treatment

PlasmaPen is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin, and it’s a popular treatment for those looking to combat the signs of ageing, skin damage and loose skin. But, it’s important to do it right, and you need to research PlasmaPen before starting treatment. Not only should you familiarise yourself with how PlasmaPen works and how you can best prepare your skin, but you should take the time to understand the aftercare required. Though PlasmaPen aftercare doesn’t require too much of you, there are some key things you should and should not be doing.

After you have had PlasmaPen treatment, your practitioner will advise you on the finer details of aftercare. You will leave your treatment session knowing exactly how to care for your skin after treatment. If you have any questions, they are always there to offer advice and guidance. But, to get you started, it’s vital that you follow these aftercare directions below.

What Aftercare is Needed?

There are a lot of reasons to love PlasmaPen, but one thing that stands out is the fact that you can generally go back to your daily routine immediately. You don’t need to take a long time away from work to heal, nor do you need to hide away inside for days at a time. You really can go back to work straightaway, and you can resume the majority of day to day activities straight away. This isn’t always the case with cosmetic treatments, and it’s something that makes PlasmaPen unique.

Though you might experience some numbness and swelling after PlasmaPen, this is to be expected, and it will subside eventually. Generally, the healing process is quick, and your skin will be looking rejuvenated and refreshed in no time. Of course, there are a handful of PlasmaPen aftercare requirements to be aware of.

  • For two weeks after PlasmaPen treatment, apply cooling masks and cooling balm to the area. This will help to keep skin cool, giving you the best chance of healing and rejuvenating successfully. It’s important to keep the skin as cool as possible, and this includes staying out of the sun and away from too much heat. If you do need to go outside and it’s a sunny day, stay in the shade as much as possible. You don’t want to risk causing further damage to the skin by risking sunburn or any kind of sun damage.
  • You also need to avoid makeup after PlasmaPen treatment, and this means avoiding even wearing the smallest amount to cover a blemish. Though it can be tempting to cover your skin after PlasmaPen, you need to give your skin the chance to heal without being irritated.
  • It’s important to keep the area as dry as possible after PlasmaPen treatment, and you should do this for around 24 hours, if not slightly longer. This means not washing your face, and taking care to keep it dry when you’re showering. Getting the skin wet could hinder the healing process, and there’s a chance it would irritate the area.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated after your treatment, as this will give your skin the best chance of healing successfully. Though PlasmaPen treatment is completely safe, it can be a strain on certain areas of the skin, but staying hydrated helps skin to remain supple, elastic and healthy.
  • Though you do need to keep your skin dry immediately after treatment, aftercare product is key. Keeping the skin adequately moisturised is crucial for its overall health and healing. We recommend using our Advanced Repair healing balm, a product specifically designed by us for this purpose which will help hydrate and soothe the skin. Regularly applying this morning and evening will also prevent excessive dryness or flakiness that might occur during the healing process.
  • One of the best things that you can do as part of your PlasmaPen aftercare routine is be patient. The healing process varies from person to person, and it can take a while for the full benefits of PlasmaPen treatment to become apparent. Be patient and consistent with your aftercare routine, ensuring that you follow the steps given above, as well as your clinician’s recommendations. Make sure to attend any follow up appointments, and maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports overall skin health during the healing process.

Depending on the exact treatment that you have had, your clinician might recommend other things to do as part of your PlasmaPen aftercare. It’s important that you follow their guidance, as everything they say will help your skin to heal quickly and effectively, without irritation. Remember, everyone’s skin is different, and so your healing process could differ to that of someone else.

What if I Don’t Follow the Advice?

After PlasmaPen, you should expect a small amount of swelling and redness, and this should gradually disappear in the days after treatment. However, if you don’t follow the PlasmaPen aftercare advice, you run the risk of prolonged side effects. For example, you could end up with redness, irritation, swelling, pain and dry skin, all of which can be largely avoided with proper aftercare. If you want the healing process to be as quick as possible, you need to take our aftercare advice.

At PlasmaPen, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality and professional cosmetic service, and this includes telling you everything that you need to know about PlasmaPen aftercare. Whether you are having treatment to correct sun damage or acne scarring, or you are fighting the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, we can advise you on the best aftercare for your skin. To find out more about PlasmaPen treatment and aftercare, get in touch with our helpful team.

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