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Where are fibroblasts found in the body?

by LiamOct 5,2020Plasma Pen™ Advice

Here at PlasmaPen, we are proud to be one of the leading names in fibroblasting treatments.  If you have ever wondered where fibroblasts are found in the body, read on to find out more. Our PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments are a revolutionary treatment that can help you turn back the hands of time by targetting the fibroblasts within the skin.

What are fibroblasts?

As we age, our body starts to deteriorate with some of these changes becoming visible after the age of 35. In a world where youth and physical attractiveness are considered important, the gradual loss of your youthful glow can be a difficult thing to face.

Fibroblast cells are a primary component in retaining our youthful looks. Whilst fibroblast cells are considered to be one of the least specialized cells in the human body, they are dispersed through the connective tissue and secrete a cell that is rich in Type 1 and Type 111 collagen.

Type 1 collagen makes up approximately 75-90% of the collagen found in your skin, hair, nails, organs, bones, and ligaments. Type 111 collagen is most commonly found in tissues with elastic properties, such as your skin, lungs, intestinal walls, and the walls of your blood vessels. PlasmaPen fibroblasting treatments stimulate the production of Type 111 collagen, which turns into Type 1 collagen.

This form of Type 1 collagen improves the overall appearance of the skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

What do fibroblasts do?

A PlasmaPen fibroblast treatment works by creating a small, micro-trauma on the treated area. This microtrauma stimulates the production of collagen and elastin through the production of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts play a very important role in wound healing, which is what makes them perfect for treating the affected PlasmaPen treated area.

Following this controlled micro-trauma, fibroblast cells migrate to the area that has been treated. There, they work to deposit new collagen that facilitates the healing process. In doing so, fibroblasting treatments stimulate the production of Type 111 collagen by encouraging fibroblasts to flood the treated area. This then converts to Type 1 collagen and ultimately creates baby-soft, fresh skin.

Where are fibroblasts in the body?

Are you wondering where fibroblasts are found in the body? Well, here at PlasmaPen, we are happy to tell you that they’re found almost everywhere! Fibroblasts are spread throughout the connective tissues in the body. This is where they secrete a collagen-rich cell.

When the body is wounded or injured in some way, fibroblast cells migrate to the area that has been affected and work to repair the tissue. They do this by stimulating the production of large amounts of collagen at the wound site.

This is why almost any area of the body can be treated with a PlasmaPen fibroblast treatment. Our treatments are not just restricted to the face. Our exceptional PlasmaPen technicians can treat stretch marks, moles, cherry-angioma and so much more across the whole body.

What PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments are available?

Due to the non-invasive nature of a PlasmaPen fibroblast treatment, our treatments have virtually no risks or downtime. This is what makes our fibroblasting treatments so popular! Our specially trained PlasmaPen technicians can treat almost any area of the body, with our most popular treatments being:

  • Upper and lower eyelift
  • Plasma spray facial
  • Jaw augmentation
  • Neck lift
  • 3-step progressive facial
  • Lower eye lift
  • HyaPenPro lip treatment

Learn more about PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments by visiting our treatments and aftercare page.

PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments

Are you interested in learning more about fibroblasting treatments from PlasmaPen?

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