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What Treatments Can You Carry Out with PlasmaPen?

by Plasma Pen UKDec 13,2022Plasma Pen™ Advice, Plasma Pen™ Guide

skin treatment

One of the great things about PlasmaPen is the sheer number of treatments that can be carried out. It’s an innovative piece of equipment, and its versatility makes it the ideal choice for a range of cosmetic procedures.

How Does PlasmaPen Work?

PlasmaPen uses innovative technology to create impressive aesthetic results, and it does this through the ionisation of atmospheric gases. When these gases are ionised, the skin’s fibres contract and tighten, encouraging the production of collagen. This happens without affecting the basal lamina, and without causing any bleeding. In fact, no damage is done to the surrounding tissue. As the skin produces most collagen, the surface tightens and begins to look refreshed. It creates a ‘plumper’ and more volumised appearance.

The Benefits of PlasmaPen Treatments

There are a number of benefits to choosing a PlasmaPen produced, which is why it’s such a popular treatment option. As PlasmaPen targets the surface of the skin, it’s a completely non surgical and non invasive treatment. This means there is no scarring, bleeding or long term damage. There’s also less recovery time needed after PlasmaPen treatments, compared to many other cosmetic procedures.

PlasmaPen Treatments Before and After

PlasmaPen is capable of achieving impressive results, and a big difference can be seen immediately. Along with the instantly noticeable changes to the skin, the improvements will continue to develop for up to 12 weeks after treatment. You can see what PlasmaPen is capable of by checking out our before and after photos.

What Areas Can Be Treated with PlasmaPen?

There is no shortage of areas that can be treated with PlasmaPen, as it can be used anywhere on the body. Some of the most popular treatment areas are:

  • Acne Scars
  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead Lines
  • Jowls
  • Stretch Marks
  • Upper and Lower Eyelids

How Much Does PlasmaPen Cost?

There are three types of PlasmaPen available, and each is priced slightly differently. The PlasmaPen Classic is £3,250, the PlasmaPen Ultra is £4,000 and the PlasmaPen Platinum is £6,500. There are finance options available.

How Long Until My Clients See Results?

PlasmaPen results are noticeable instantly, and they continue to develop for up to 12 weeks after treatment. Regardless of the area being targeted, results begin to appear the moment treatment starts.

How Many Sessions are Required?

Often, only one PlasmaPen session is required, but some patients could require more. Sometimes, two or three sessions are needed to achieve the desired results.

Are There Any Risks with PlasmaPen Treatments?

PlasmaPen is a safe aesthetic treatment, and there are very few risks involved. However, it is best suited to those with lighter skin tones, as it could cause hyperpigmentation on darker skin. Before having PlasmaPen treatment, it’s important to determine if you are a good candidate.

PlasmaPen Aftercare

  • Avoid covering the treated area in any way. This includes using makeup, creams and dressings.
  • After PlasmaPen treatment, plasma crusts will form on the treated area. It’s important to avoid picking or touching these, and they will naturally fall off within a day or two.
  • Sun cream should be worn for up to 12 weeks after PlasmaPen treatment, as this is how long it takes for the results to fully appear. We recommend SPF 50.
  • Avoid exercising for a few days after PlasmaPen treatment. The sweat and heat could cause the treated area to become inflamed and uncomfortable.
  • PlasmaPen Aloe Vera Gel can be applied to the treated area to keep it moist. This helps with the healing process, and can stop the area from itching.

To find out more about PlasmaPen and the treatment opportunities, get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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