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What is a lower facelift from PlasmaPen™ and how does it work?

by LiamSep 11,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

As we age, the lower face and neck can be a key problem area. However, PlasmaPen’s revolutionary device provides a facelift, without the surgery and can give you that confidence boost that comes with more youthful skin. PlasmaPen works to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to sagging jawlines and hello to flawless-looking skin.

Lower facelift from PlasmaPen

PlasmaPen’s non-surgical, soft surgery treatment targets not only upper facial areas like the forehead and crow’s feet but also solves many lower facial issues. No matter how hard we try, a sagging jawline and neck will affect all of us. But our lower face and neck lift has created exceptional results for many of our clients.

You might be wondering, how can PlasmaPen be used for so many different neck and facial areas? Well, as our nitrogen plasma device can distribute concentrated plasma to various facial areas, we can target all of your specific problem areas, including the face and neck.

How does the lower face and neck lift without surgery work?

On the lower part of your face, you have what is called accordion lines and nasolabial lines. If you’re interested in a facelift without surgery, we’ve got just the thing. The PlasmaPen works as a treatment on all of your problem areas. Depending on the severity of your lines, you may need several neck lift treatments to achieve the desired result.

At PlasmaPen, our face and neck lift process work like this:

  • A PlasmaPen technician conducts an in-depth skin consultation and talks about your desired results.
  • As a non-surgical facelift, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area being treated.
  • PlasmaPen is used to distribute plasma gas to the lower region of the face.
  • A numbing agent is applied a second time for a completely pain-free experience.
  • Your skin will be tightened and your face will be lifted. Your face and neck will feel tighter.
  • During the recovery stage, this is when you will witness noticeable face and neck lift results.
  • Follow your aftercare and follow up treatment advice from your PlasmaPen technician.

Lower facelift from PlasmaPen results

If you want a face and neck treatment without surgery that delivers exceptional results and smooths the face and neck, we have the answer.

PlasmaPen treatment is tailored towards each person. If your skin has greater laxity generally, we will probably suggest further PlasmaPen neck lift treatments. This is to make sure you receive the face and neck lift you have always desired.

Lower face-lift from PlasmaPen

If you want a brighter, tighter and smoother jawline with fewer unwanted lines, PlasmaPen’s face and neck lift without surgery is perfect for you.

Find out more about PlasmaPen lower facelift today.

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