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What does the PlasmaPen™ training course entail?

by LiamNov 9,2020Plasma Pen™ Guide

When working in the beauty and aesthetic industry, it is important to always be on the lookout for new and innovative treatments to offer your clients. One such treatment is Fibroblasting. This treatment is a great service that can give your clients amazing results without any costly and risky cosmetic surgeries. If you’re interested in learning more about fibroblasting and how to partake in fibroblasting training, keep reading this blog from the experienced PlasmaPen team.

What is fibroblast training?

For anyone new to the concept, fibroblasting training involves the process of learning how to administer the latest innovative, non-surgical treatment. The treatment works by eliminating the skin tissue that causes wrinkles and drastically improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.

Fibroblasting is becoming a popular treatment offered by beauticians and aestheticians alike because it has so many benefits for clients, including:

  • Fibroblasting is a non-surgical treatment that is extremely low-risk
  • People tend to see results almost immediately or within a short time period
  • Very little downtime involved
  • No cutting/adhesions to the skin
  • No stitches required
  • The skin is left free of major trauma

To safely administer this treatment, you must undergo a thorough and certified fibroblasting training course. This is where PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International comes in. PlasmaPen offers an extensive fibroblasting training programme that provides all the information, training, and guidance required to offer this service to your clients.

What does the PlasmaPen training course entail?

The fibroblasting PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International was the first of its kind in the beauty industry. That means we have spent years developing and defining our fibroblasting training programmes to ensure you are provided with enough information and guidance to feel confident enough to deliver treatments.

Our fibroblasting training programmes are delivered through our exclusive Masterclasses. All of which entail significant pre-course aesthetic fibroblasting training and are followed by continual support from our expert team.

When purchasing one of our PlasmaPen devices, as well as receiving the fibroblasting training programmes, you will benefit from a lucrative repeat revenue stream.

As well as the fibroblasting training, your PlasmaPen package includes:

  • A PlasmaPen device of your choice
  • The fibroblasting training course – OCN accredited
  • The essential starter kit with 0.4 mm nano-probes
  • The crucial aftercare products
  • A stylish branded carry-case for equipment
  • The PlasmaPen device stand
  • All supporting documents for your training

How do I train with PlasmaPen?

If you are interested in training with PlasmaPen, you’ll be eager to hear all about our fibroblasting training sessions.

PlasmaPen fibroblasting training sessions can be delivered at a face-to-face Masterclass in small groups of individuals or via an easy-to-use and intuitive online streaming platform.

Whether you choose to do your training face-to-face or online from the comfort of your clinic or studio, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the very best fibroblasting training on the market. You will leave your training feeling confident, competent, and ready to administer your own treatments.

For more information on PlasmaPen and fibroblasting training, get in touch today.

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