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What Are The Prices For Plasma Pen™ Treatments? Should I Try to Be The Cheapest?

by Plasma Pen UKMar 5,2024Plasma Pen™ Guide, Plasma Pen™ Guide, Plasma Pen™ Guide

What Are The Prices For Plasma Pen™ Treatments

If there’s one thing to know about prices for Plasma Pen treatment, it’s that there’s no benefit to trying to be the cheapest. Though you might think that this helps to attract customers and stand out from your competitors, it can have the opposite effect. This is why it’s important to understand the prices for Plasma Pen treatment, and why people are willing to pay more for a highly sought after service.


Why You Shouldn’t Try to Be the Cheapest Plasma Pen Technician

Plasma Pen is a sought after, in demand and innovative device. It’s unlike any other device on the market, and it’s not something that should be over-commercialised by being readily available for a small fee. There are a lot of expensive cosmetic treatments out there, many of which are inferior to those provided by Plasma Pen, and the price of Plasma Pen treatment should reflect that. We’re not saying charge customers too much, but price integrity among technicians is important, and undercutting others takes away from the quality and superiority of our device.

During your training, we take a look at price integrity and Plasma Pen commercialisation. We know that you invest a lot of time and money into training, and the device itself, and we want you to make a quick return on your investment. We help you to find the balance between attracting customers, whilst also pricing treatments fairly.

We will supply you with pricing guidelines during your training, covering every type of Plasma Pen treatment. We work closely with you during and after your training to help you build best treatment plans that work for your customers, with the goal of delivering both value for money and impressive cosmetic results.


Average Prices for Plasma Pen Treatment

On average, single Plasma Pen treatments are priced at around £500 per area, per treatment. This is for areas such as the upper or lower eyelids – also known as non-surgical blepharoplasty – and similar treatments. Of course, the cost of blepharoplasty with cosmetic surgery can cost anywhere from £3,000 to £6,000, and so Plasma Pen is considerably cheaper for the customer. Plus, the results from Plasma Pen are often better. There is no need to charge customers more for blepharoplasty, not when the same results are achievable for a cost of £500.

The price of Plasma Pen treatments vary depending on the size of the area and the type of treatment. More complex and time consuming treatments – such as a full face lift, a neck lift, forehead lift or jawline augmentation – tend to be priced higher. But, again, Plasma Pen is still an affordable treatment option compared to surgery. You might decide to offer discounts to your customers, especially if they choose to add on extra treatments or book multiple areas.

A lot of technicians choose to package treatments together, and offer them at a discounted rate. This can help customers to save money, whilst helping you to ‘sell’ more services.


Deciding Prices for Plasma Pen Treatment is a Fine Art

For us, it’s not about being the cheapest Plasma Pen provider, it’s about being the best. You need to find a balance between charging for your skills and training, whilst also providing value to customers. When you are deciding your prices for Plasma Pen treatment, there are a few things to take into consideration. Your time, your personal experience and reputation, your skill level, overheads and the established market price of treatments should all be taken into account. Think about what customers would be paying for comparable treatments, and price yours accordingly.

You also need to remember that you have put a lot of time, effort and money into becoming a trained Plasma Pen technician, and you will want to recoup this investment. Plasma Pen treatment spans beyond the treatment itself, as customers will also benefit from expert consultations, aftercare, professional follow ups and personal treatment plans. These are all part of the service, and they all benefit customers in one way or another.

Even factors such as your geographic location, whether you are a mobile technician or you have a high end clinic, and other complementary services that you provide should all be thought about when deciding prices. The level of competition in your area and client demographics also need to be considered, as these could impact how much you charge.


Things to Remember When Pricing Your Plasma Pen Treatments

  • We will provide you with price guidelines during your Plasma Pen training, but they are only guidelines. You are free to interpret these yourself and charge what works for you.


  • Don’t aim to be the cheapest Plasma Pen provider, as this could prevent you from conveying just how impressive and professional your skills are.


  • It’s okay to organise special offers and reasonable discounts for Plasma Pen treatment, especially as you build your portfolio and gain experience in the field.


  • Customers are willing to pay more for skill, expertise and professional training, which you have if you come to us to begin your Plasma Pen technician journey.


  • Remember to back yourself as a professional and sell your Plasma Pen services at a fair market value. You are a professional, and you should charge as such.


  • You can choose to have Plasma Pen as a full-time business, or you could choose to offer it alongside other services, both of which will impact how much you charge.


There’s no denying the benefits of offering Plasma Pen treatments, especially if you want to appeal to a wider range of customers. Though deciding on pricing can be challenging, it’s a key part of securing yourself as an expert in the industry. Our guidelines are there to help you along the way. Find out more by speaking to our talented team.

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