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Treatment Diary – Upper and Lower Eyelid Treatment

by LiamJan 4,2021Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Had your eye on PlasmaPen for a while but not sure how exactly it works to perform wrinkle-busting skin treatments?

Unless you’ve seen this revolutionary device in action it might be difficult to understand how it can be used to banish under-eye wrinkles. We spoke to Janine from Poulton-le-Fylde who recently underwent a PlasmaPen eye wrinkle treatment at her local salon.

Preparing for eye wrinkle treatment

Janine told us that, at the age of 45, she noticed that she’d developed quite noticeable under-eye wrinkles.

“It’s funny how you don’t notice your wrinkles until one day you look in the mirror and think, oh my gosh, I look totally haggard! I’d heard about PlasmaPen treatment so did a quick Google to find out who did treatments in my area. I made an initial phone call to a local salon, who invited me in to have a consultation.”

During her consultation, Janine and her PlasmaPen technician Cindy talked about what the eye wrinkle treatment would entail and how she could prepare for it.

“Cindy booked me in for an appointment for a week’s time after she was happy that I was comfortable with what the PlasmaPen treatment would involve. She advised me to:

  • Regularly use sunblock and vitamin skincare prior to treatment
  • Avoid alcohol the night before and on the day
  • Be calm and rested on the day of treatment and avoid any exercise that will spike adrenaline on the day of treatment
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks on the morning of treatment”

Banishing those under-eye wrinkles

“Even though I’d had a consultation the week before, Cindy went through everything with me again, to make sure I was happy. I was really pleased with how thorough she was being. She took a few photographs of my skin and then applied a topical numbing product on my upper and lower eyelids which she then covered with cling film.

“When the eye treatment wrinkle began, I was expecting a small amount of pain, but it was only very slightly uncomfortable. Cindy started creating controlled micro-traumas to my under-eye wrinkles and above my eyelid too. The procedure took less than twenty minutes for each area and Cindy was careful to make sure I was comfortable throughout.”

Immediately after the treatment

“Immediately after my treatment, Cindy applied an aftercare product to soothe my skin and gave me a little bundle of aftercare products to take home with me, with specific instructions on how to use them.

“In my little bundle there was:

  • Silver Colloidal Gel
  • Tinted Aftercare Balm with SPF50”

In the days following the treatment

“Cindy advised me to dab the treated area with PlasmaPen cleansing tonic and cleansing pads day and night in the days following the treatment. For the first evening I also applied the Silver Colloidal Gel and for the subsequent days afterwards I used the Tinted Aftercare Balm.

“I was also advised to stay out of the sun for 12 weeks and to take 2000mg of vitamin C daily, to help with the healing process.

“After a week or so, the carbon crusts from my eye area shed and I was able to resume my regular skincare routine. I then returned to see Cindy for a Plasmaporation Facial which helped to rejuvenate the new skin with PlasmaPen’s new range of transdermal serums.”

Eye wrinkle treatment results

“I am really pleased with the results from my PlasmaPen under eye treatment. All my friends and family have commented on how youthful I now look and what a difference it has made to my face.

“The results could be seen almost immediately, however, the inflammatory response meant that it was around six weeks before the best results were seen.

“I’d definitely get PlasmaPen work done again and am already looking into having a treatment on the lines around my jawline.”

How can you offer this revolutionary treatment to your clients?

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Contact our customer success team today and find out how you can boost your income by offering world-class PlasmaPen treatments.

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