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Tightening Eyelids Using Plasma Treatments: Is It Safe and Effective?

by PlasmaPenUSAJul 20,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide

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The eyes are the windows to one’s soul, so it’s no wonder that the eyes are one of the first places people notice when they look at you. As we age, the skin around our eyes loses elasticity and sags, making the eyes appear tired and old. While eyes can’t be permanently lifted, there is a simple, non-invasive way to tighten the upper and lower eyelid, creating a finer, more open and brighter eye gaze.

While there are many different products and procedures designed to help improve the appearance of the eyelids, Plasma Pen is a great option for those who want a quick and affordable way to lift their eyelids and improve their eye area. But what is it, and is it safe and effective?

What Is a Plasma Pen and How Does It Use Plasma Technology?

Plasma Pen works by sending low-frequency electrical currents through the skin as it creates small ablations to the epidermis. This electromagnetic energy simultaneously heats the deep layers of the skin, contracting and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Once these tissues have been stimulated, they work to tighten the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Because the skin is heated rather than cut as in surgery, stitched or needled or penetrated by laser light beams, Plasma Pen has been found to be more comfortable than other more invasive and expensive procedures.

What Happens during the Treatment?

Your aesthetician will first apply an anesthetic cream, numbing the skin and eliminating any sensitivity to pain. Then, the plasma pen probe is held above the skins surface by 1mm, it must not touch the skin as that alone will turn the device off.  A 1mm spark gap is needed for the elements of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere to combine in creating plasma energy, the fourth state of matter. Minute micro-trauma occurs to the epidermis, leaving a carbonization point, a sealed wound in the formation of a tiny small round dot on the skin.

Since the dermis is much thicker than the epidermis and can’t be penetrated with such regularity, the entire surface of your face takes on a dotted appearance. This kind of treatment helps your skin retain its elasticity by avoiding large wounds while working with your body’s natural healing response.

Does a Plasma Treatment Produce Effective Results?

Usually, a non-surgical eyelid lift using Plasma will need three treatments in order to achieve a soft-surgery like result. However, some clients may need just one to two treatments, but for the most part, three treatments are recommended. Each treatment will result in some tightening, though the most results are usually seen after the third treatment.

How Long Does the Result Last?

Plasma Pen is a wonderful procedure for maintaining a smooth and youthful appearance. In most cases, results will last for years after the procedure is performed. After all, a Plasma Eyelid Lift yields semi-permanent results, allowing you to enjoy radiant-looking eyes even as you age. 

Keep in mind that while it doesn’t reverse the natural effects of ageing, it helps keep your skin look soft, smooth, and supple. You can also get the treatment again if you feel like your eyelids need a boost, but that’s a thought that may cross only after three to five years post treatment. 

The Bottom Line: All About Plasma Pen Treatments

If you have been thinking about getting a non-surgical eyelid lift, you should consider the benefits of a Plasma Pen. It’s a procedure that is preferred over other methods because it is quick, simple, and affordable. 

The plasma pen procedure is extremely comfortable and has been shown to yield results in just one to three treatments. You can get an initial evaluation at a clinic and see firsthand how much an eyelid lift using Plasma Pen can improve your appearance.

Are You Looking for the Best Non-Surgical Facelift in the UK?

The team at PlasmaPen will gladly assist you in your journey towards a more youthful appearance. With our advanced aesthetic training, we offer unique cosmetic treatments like the fibroblast plasma pen in the UK, so you can achieve healthier-looking skin. 

Contact us today to find out more about the treatment and what you can expect when you visit our clinic!

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