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The PlasmaPen™ Fat Dissolving Serum Range

by LiamDec 22,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Our extensive new range of PlasmaPen transdermal serums are designed to ensure your PlasmaPen treatment is as effective as possible to give your clients the highest satisfaction with their results. With seven serums all targeting different problem areas of the body using skin tightening, cellulite treatment, and fat dissolving, these products are designed to enhance and amplify PlasmaPen results. Three of our serums target a very popular client request – fat-dissolving – so here’s all you need to know about our fat-dissolving serums.

What are the transdermal serums?

Before we jump right into the fat-dissolving serums, it’s important that you understand what the transdermal serums are and how they work.

All of the available serums can be used before or after our fibroblasting treatment options and all seven serums are delivered using electroporation. This means that they are administered using electromagnetic pulses that disrupt the skin’s intercellular matrix. As a result, the serums can be absorbed by your client’s skin without any need for invasive surgery.

PlasmaPen Transdermal Serum One

Transdermal Serum One is all about anti-aging. The serum achieves this by combining skin tightening with dissolving fat. The serum has a range of top-quality ingredients that are designed to fight fat and tighten skin, including carnitine and Cynara. Carnitine works by converting fat into energy, whilst Cynara stimulates the production of the extracellular matrix to enhance skin tightening.

For the best results, this serum should be applied on four separate occasions, at a minimum, and there should be a seven-day gap between each administration. This allows for a gradual restructuring of the face, effective fat-dissolving, and impressive skin tightening across the face and neck.

You can find out more about Transdermal Serum One over on our website.

PlasmaPen Transdermal Serum Six

Transdermal Serum Six is a little different from the rest. This serum is not for use on the face and neck. Instead, serum six is a fat-dissolving treatment for the rest of your body, excluding the hands and ankles.

This serum is a cellulite treatment that focuses on body contouring by dissolving fat. This treatment is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of adiposity and adipose cellulite thanks to the inclusion of phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, and tocopheryl acetate in the formula.

It is recommended that this serum is applied four times with 45-day intervals between applications to achieve maximum fat-dissolving as a result of the cellulite treatment.

For more information, why not take the time to read more about Transdermal Serum 6.

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