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The PlasmaPen™ Facial Serum Range

by LiamJan 18,2021Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Facial serums have been one of the hottest trends of 2020. So much so that a huge range of new, revolutionary serum treatments have entered the beauty and aesthetics industry this year. Here at PlasmaPen, we are experts when it comes to skin tightening and skin resurfacing treatments and would like to answer a few questions regarding our all-new serum range – Transdermal Serums.

Transdermal Serums, serum treatment range

Here at PlasmaPen, we recently introduced a new product range to our collection – transdermal serums. Our new serum treatments are to be used with PlasmaPen fractional and permeating tips on your PlasmaPen device. With a grand total of seven transdermal serums in our range, we have serum treatments for the face, face, and body and for different requirements like skin tightening/skin resurfacing.

In the following article, we are going to answer some burning questions you may have about the transdermal, facial serum range and demonstrate the serum treatment process.

What transdermal serum is recommended for facial skin tightening?

If you’re looking for a facial serum for skin tightening, our Transdermal Serum 1 effectively targets under-eye bags, double chins, lower cheek areas, and more to contour and tighten the skin. Our Transdermal Serum 2 is also great for tightening the whole face.

As transdermal serums are pharmaceutical-grade serum, these serum treatments can effectively dissolve facial fats and significantly reduce the signs of ageing.

In addition to our Transdermal Serum 1, Transdermal Serum 4 is fabulous for treating skin sagging and skin laxity. We all know that when we age it takes its toll on our skin. Our Transdermal Serum range can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and is a great skin tightening treatment.

If you want to find out which Transdermal serums will best suit your skin tightening requirements, check out our Transdermal Serum range, each facial serum treatment features an in-depth description.

What transdermal serum is recommended for skin resurfacing?

If you suffer from redness, hyperpigmentation or any skin unevenness, you might benefit from skin resurfacing treatment. At PlasmaPen, our Transdermal Serum 2 and Transdermal Serum 3 are both great skin resurfacing treatments. Although not specifically used for skin resurfacing, both of these facial serums contain hyaluronic acid, an ingredient helping skin maintain plumpness.

You can also use both facial serums in conjunction with each other to achieve even more exceptional serum treatment results.

How do Transdermal Serum treatments work?

We spoke to PlasmaPen head of international training, Julie Newman Seunarayan to find out how often you need to get serum treatments. According to Julie: “For serums 2-4, you can get a serum treatment weekly. However, it is also worthwhile noting that Transdermal Serum 5 should only be used every 30 days”.

Our transdermal serums rapidly infuse the Stratum Corneum (upper layer of the epidermis) and target the extracellular matrix of the dermis. Because the product goes deep beneath the skin, it infuses each skin cell to correct cellular damage, rejuvenate and also program the cells to function more efficiently.

Our serum treatments are delivered via our electroporation technique and can create exceptional facial and skin results.

The PlasmaPen facial serums

Why not find out more about our range of Transdermal Serums, serum treatments using your PlasmaPen device on the highest setting? Watch this video by our very own PlasmaPen International Head of Training, Julie Newman Seunarayan, to find out more about our PlasmaPen skin treatment.

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