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The official Plasma Eye Lift treatment

by LiamApr 9,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Plasma skincare delivered by genuine PlasmaPen technicians

The Plasma Eye Lift is a non-contact, non-invasive skincare treatment that immediately rejuvenates the skin around the eyes. It is used to smooth, tighten and lift the eye area – helping to boost cell renewal and restart collagen generation, for a more youthful and well rested appearance. Here, PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International, outlines just how accessible this procedure can be and what to expect from your treatment. 

How does a Plasma Eye Lift work?

Because the Plasma Eye Lift is non-contact, the treatment has no downtime and the risk of infection is considerably reduced. The PlasmaPen device creates a controlled wound to the skin which is immediately cauterised, and the healing process begins straight away. These tiny wounds are applied all around the eye area in a strategic formation, in accordance with your skin’s natural healing process, and will dictate the smoother look of your skin once healing is complete.

Aftercare is very minimal and the Eye Lift can be completed on your lunch break – which is another reason this soft surgery is growing in popularity. The healing process is considered fully complete after three months, although the most visible stage (the development and consequent flaking of carbon crusts) takes place within 3-7 days.  Following healing, the skin will continue to improve and develop over the next three years, although the results of this stage varies from person to person. During this period, the skin will form new blood vessels and proteins within the skin, useful for managing the cell ageing process. 

PlasmaPen Eye Lift FAQs

  • Does a Plasma Eye Lift treatment hurt?
    • The Plasma treatment can be considered uncomfortable but is not generally painful, although everyone’s pain threshold differs. The treatment uses targeted bursts of plasma gas that create tiny, controlled wounds on the skin. There may be some warmth and prickle-like sensations during the treatment. The healing process can involve some swelling and discomfort, but this generally subsides after a day or two. 
  • Will I have to take time off work for a Plasma Eye Lift? 
    • You do not need to take time off work for this treatment, although you may feel more comfortable doing so as the healing process can be a little unpleasant to look at in the first few days. But in terms of infection risks and general downtime, there is little-to-none, thanks to the immediate cauterisation of the wounds.
  • How long does the Eye Lift procedure take? 
    • The Plasma Eye Lift takes somewhere between 30 minutes to one hour, and this includes pre-treatment and aftercare discussions. You could easily pop into a salon for the treatment during your lunch break and be back an hour later. 

Find a Genuine PlasmaPen Technician

All our PlasmaPen technicians have been trained by genuine Master Trainers in one of our 25 Training Academies Worldwide. Only PlasmaPen technicians have the knowledge and expertise of our genuine PlasmaPen product – although there are many copycat versions on the market and many trainers who claim to own the genuine article. Only by finding an aesthetician with certified PlasmaPen accreditations can you be assured of the quality of work and the meticulous craftsmanship of our experts.

Find your nearest PlasmaPen Technician here.

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