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The Client-Centric Approach: Enhancing Customer Experience in Skincare

by Plasma Pen UKJan 31,2024Plasma Pen™ Guide

The Client-Centric Approach: Enhancing Customer Experience in Skincare

When you work in the skincare industry – whether you are a freelance beautician or a skincare business owner – there is no denying the importance of offering a service that clients are happy with. After all, you want them to return for future treatments, and you want them to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues. This means providing a professional, reliable and friendly service, and having a wide range of treatments for them to choose from. This also means having a client-centric approach and enhancing the customer experience as much as possible.


What is a Client-Centric Approach to Skincare?

As a skincare treatment provider or beautician, a client-centric approach means prioritising the unique needs, preferences and experiences of each client, with the aim of creating a personalised and professional skincare service. With a client-centric approach, the client is at the centre of every decision and interaction, and you try to understand and address individual skincare concerns effectively. This could involve consultations to assess the client’s skin type, concerns and skin goals, which leads to a tailored treatment plan.

There is a lot that goes into a client-centric approach to skincare, all of which works together to enhance the customer experience. For example, communication needs to be transparent, providing clients with detailed information about treatments and expected outcomes. At the same time, a client-centric approach includes creating a supportive environment, where clients feel heard, valued and involved in their skincare journey. The client-centric approach is about building trust and long term relationships, whilst also ensuring that every client feels confident and satisfied with their skincare experience.


How to Master a Client-Centric Skincare Strategy

There are a range of things that go into creating a client-centric skincare strategy, some of which we have detailed below.


Smart Beauty Solutions

There has been a big focus on artificial intelligence (AI) recently, and this smart technology has made its way to the beauty industry. With technology innovation, it’s possible to provide a client-centric approach to skincare, and this centres on businesses better understanding the needs of their customers. With AI, it’s a lot easier to provide a nuanced, personalised and bespoke skincare experience.

This has already been seen by beauty brands that use foundation shade matching technology and advanced skincare analysis, both of which use AI to create personalised products, recommendations and a tailored service. With AI beauty solutions, it’s a lot easier to engage customers by fully understanding their individual demands, preferences and pain points.


Transparent and Honest Communication

Transparency is a key part of the client-centric approach to skincare. Clients are increasingly critical and aware of the products they use on their skin, with many demanding clarity on ingredients, sourcing and the overall impact on the skin. Gone are the days of someone using a product, simply because it’s been recommended to them or because it’s what they have to hand. It’s important for beauticians to communicate openly and honestly with clients, as this builds trust, fosters a long term relationship and enhances business integrity.


Try Before You Buy

A lot of clients expect a personalised service, one that enables them to make a purchase with confidence. They want to book a treatment, such as PlasmaPen, knowing that it’s exactly what they are looking for. This is where ‘try before you buy’ comes in, as many skincare providers are allowing clients to try a sample of a treatment or see an augmented reality (AR) version of the results before fully committing.

With AR, clients really can try a treatment before they buy it, by seeing a realistic interpretation of the likely transformation of their skin. This is a completely personalised experience, one that puts the client at the centre of everything. Once they are confident in the possible results and skincare treatment, they are more likely to go ahead and book.


Seamless Online Experiences

Clients are used to having information about skincare clinics, treatments and beauticians at their fingertips, which is why a seamless online experience is key. A growing number of skincare

brands are embracing a client-centric approach by prioritising a clients’ online experiences. From user friendly websites to intuitive navigation, brands are ensuring that clients can easily explore treatments, information and bookings easily. Both a business’ website and social media platforms become a hub for clients, not just for making bookings and getting in touch, but as a supportive community where clients can engage, share experiences and leave their feedback.


Omnichannel Skincare

There are a range of ways for clients to connect with a skincare business; in the clinic, on the website and on social media. To provide a client-centric approach and a flawless customer experience in skincare, it’s important that their experience on all platforms is the same. With an omnichannel experience, the client receives the same quality of customer service and engagement, regardless of how they are interacting with a business. This has always been important, but an omnichannel customer experience is key now that so many clients find skincare providers and treatments online.


At PlasmaPen, we understand the importance of providing a skincare service that clients love, and offering a wide range of treatments is a key part of that. PlasmaPen is an innovative and unique device that is capable of providing a whole host of different skincare treatments – including sun damage correction and reducing the appearance of wrinkles – and there’s something for everyone. Contact our knowledgeable team today to find out more.

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