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Comparing Radiofrequency Therapy and Fibroblast Plasma Lift

by PlasmaPenUSAJul 6,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide

skin treatment

As we grow old, our skin produces less collagen, offsetting unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin. Luckily, we have radiofrequency therapy and fibroblast plasma lift to mitigate the effects of ageing on our skin. However, not everyone is well-versed in these two methods, and that is definitely understandable as they can get a bit too technical.

In such a case, you may need to know more about them in order to get a gist of what they are about and which one would work best for you.

What Is Radiofrequency Therapy?

As the name implies, this method uses electromagnetic energy to tighten your skin without the need for surgery. This would trigger the production of more collagen in your skin, making this work overall.

What Is Fibroblast Plasma Lift?

This method has many variations, depending on what wonders you would want to do with your skin. But basically, this makes use of a plasma pen that discharges plasma to make your skin firmer than ever.

What Are the Main Differences between the Two Methods?

  1. Radiofrequency therapy and fibroblast plasma lift both have the same aim: to tighten your skin. However, the former is more popular because it is cheaper, less invasive and works faster. It may not be as effective as a fibroblast plasma lift, though.
  2. In radiofrequency therapy, you need to have a lot of treatments for the best results. You may need around 6 to 8 sessions for the procedure to work, and each session would last for 30 minutes to an hour. The treatment is safe and painless, but you must avoid sun exposure for at least a few days.

In fibroblast plasma lift, you need to have two possibly three treatments, each lasting for an average of 30 minutes for small areas around the eyes or up to 5 hours for a full fibroblast facelift.

  1. Radiofrequency therapy is all about fighting the loss of collagen from sun damage  In fibroblast plasma lift, however, you can have tighter skin and a brighter complexion. You may also see reduced pores and scars, though it still depends on the level of damage your skin already has before the procedure.

The result takes longer to see in radiofrequency therapy as well.

  1. Fibroblast plasma lift may result in skin facial contour change. It can also help with skin wrinkles and fine lines. You can even get the lips plumper. The result may last a year and a half to up to 3 years.

This is a big plus, as many people now want more permanent results.

  1. Fibroblast plasma lift may be performed anywhere on the body. On the other hand, radiofrequency therapy can only be done on the face. The former can help with stretch marks as well.
  2. The side effects of fibroblast plasma lift are minimal. You may feel a little tingling or even swelling. In the case of radiofrequency therapy, however, you may experience itching, redness and burning. The procedure may also result in skin dryness or tightening.


The choice is entirely up to you. It is your face and body, after all, so you should be the one to choose how you want to present yourself. Suppose you think that you can handle the side effects of radiofrequency therapy. In that case, you may already have a great option to consider for tightening your facial skin and minimising the effects of your ageing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more permanent solution, fibroblast plasma lift is your best bet.

If you are looking for a well-trusted institution that specialises in the best plasma pen procedure in the UK, look no further than our expertise here at PlasmaPen™. We boast a worldwide reputation as the leading experts in Plasma technology, offering a range of Plasma Pen devices and training. Call us today for more information about our plasma pen procedures and our other related services.

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