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We Answer the Most Common Questions about the Plasma Pen

by PlasmaPenUSAJun 29,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide

skin treatment

So your business has finally decided to offer Fibroblasting or Plasma Pen facial treatment. However, because this is different from most facial treatments, you may still have some questions or reservations. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about Plasma Pen.

What Is Fibroblasting and How Does It Work?

It’s a non-invasive, skin-tightening, and rejuvenating procedure. The results are very much similar to that of a facelift but it does not involve the use of needles.

Using the low-frequency electromagnetic arc from the tip of the pen-like device, the Plasma Pen, the skin tissue is forced to contract. This reduces any wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging on the face.

Is the Plasma Pen Safe?

The Plasma Pen is safe and even offers lesser downtime with milder side effects compared to invasive and surgical treatments. While this type of treatment can be used for most skin types, it is not ideal for darker skin types IV and V due to their capacity to produce more melanin.

However, there is nothing to worry about this treatment, at all. It is rare or unlikely that you will run into some sort of medical issue if you administer this to your clients. But in the unlikely incident that you do, make sure to advise your client to head over to the nearest medical facility and receive medical attention.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

Just like with other facial treatments, the patient will be given a numbing cream or a topical anesthetic. This means that any feelings on their face should go numb, and they should not be able to feel a thing. Many people would say that, at the most, they felt a very slight discomfort or a low level of heat on their faces. Other than that, the entire treatment should feel fine, and any intense feeling of pain might need medical attention.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Plasma Pen?

There are many advantages to using a plasma pen for your facelifts. First, it is non-surgical and non-invasive, so if needles are something that scares your clients, this is the perfect alternative for them.

Additionally, if a client is worried about the side effects of facial treatments, then the plasma pen is their best bet. Although there are still side effects with the plasma pen, it is much lesser compared to that of other invasive facial treatments. This means that they will have to go with lesser downtime.

Finally, this is usually a single treatment, and it is not too expensive. Meaning clients would love this treatment because of how cost-effective it is. Results will slowly be visible over the course of 12 weeks, and when the results are fully present, there is a noticeable difference between the before and after.

Of course, all these advantages are only possible if the client follows the aftercare tips you give them. Make sure to emphasize it with your clients so that they do not neglect the aftercare routine.


With all of the advantages and benefits that this treatment brings, there is no reason not to offer it to your clients. But make sure to do proper research on the procedure and find out more about it by looking up information on other websites. Also, make sure to have a licensed professional do the treatment instead of you doing it. In the end, this only means more benefits for you as a business owner because it will bring in more revenue.

Are you interested in getting a fibroblast pen for your business? You can get one from PlasmaPen, the leading expert in plasma technology. We not only offer devices but also training to ensure that these are used safely. Book a session with us to learn more.

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