PlasmaPen™ Ultra Device


Meet Our incredible PlasmaPen Ultra device, it is primarily geared towards more experienced aestheticians and medical professionals and is designed to underpin all of the primary treatments and the more advanced and niche treatments too.

All our professional plasma devices are designed for non-invasive soft-surgery and fibroblasting treatments to underpin next-generation skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, revitalization, contouring and regeneration treatments

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Meet The Ultra Device

Our PlasmaPen™ Ultra device is primarily geared towards more experienced aestheticians and medical professionals and is designed to underpin not just all the primary treatments and go-to solutions but also better address some of the more advanced and niche treatments too (such as scar revision, large body areas, skin tag and mole removal, pigmentation correction and advanced resurfacing and rejuvenation procedures).

About The Ultra

Our DC powered, plug, and play PlasmaPen™ Ultra device is fingertip controlled with precision pulse operation and on-demand, exceptional plasma generation and truly predictable, pinpoint delivery. The device has two adjustable power settings. At setting one the intensity is equivalent to our PlasmaPen™ Classic device and at setting two the available intensity is doubled enabling rapid pointillism coverage, superior spray shading and more ablative properties all of which make treatments like large body areas, lesion removal and advanced resurfacing much quicker and easier. Each device is fully CE Certified and has been independently and vigorously tested by multiple government approved UKAS Testing Stations to meet and surpass all the required safety and medical standards. PlasmaPen™ is the only device, treatment, and brand that customers ask for by name.

Experts agree that the level of detail and predictability able to be delivered with our device and probes is far superior to any other plasma solution on the market thanks to our intuitive ergonomics, super-smooth and consistent plasma delivery and the exceptional level of precision and control possible. Consequently, we are absolutely proven to underpin shorter downtimes, faster recovery periods, significantly minimised risk, and dramatically enhanced results.

Why The Ultra?

While the PlasmaPen™ Classic is more than capable of addressing these advanced treatments; with PlasmaPen™ Ultra they can be delivered much more efficiently and effectively thanks to the two power settings which allow trained and more proficient users to operate at higher plasma delivery intensities, deliver faster spray shading with rapid coverage, provide increased ablative properties and work at a much faster pace when operated with experienced hands and advanced knowledge. Many of our technician’s step-up to this device from PlasmaPen™ Classic as they consolidate their experience and roll-out their treatment offering to their clients.



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