CoolJet Starter Kit


The CoolJet™ Introductory Starter Kit is a package designed to get you started with their CoolJet™ treatments.

Products in the kit

  • Plasma Super Tips (Round & Square): Disposable tips used for the CoolJet™ treatments (5 each of round and square shapes).
  • Other Supplies: Headband, cleansing tonic, and enzyme peel for preparation and aftercare.

Product Details

CoolJet™ Introductory Starter Kit is the ideal way to start off your business. We have put together a bundle of our technician’s favorite products for CoolJet™ treatments!

PlasmaPen Transdermal Serums are made specifically for deep absorption and skin correction.  Serum Three is packed with ingredients perfect for early onset of aging and skin congestion.  Serum Five is our “Plasma in a Bottle”, super hydrating to enhance the skin with moisture and elasticity.
Each of our Plasma Tips can do three (20 minute) treatments can bring in an income of $300-$500, one treatment and you instantly get your return of investment!
Contents of the Kit
5 – Plasma Super Tips – Round
5 – Plasma Super Tips – Square
1-Transdermal Serum 3
1-Transdermal Serum 5
1-Plasma Pen Headband
1-Cleansing Tonic
1- Enzyme Peel
Coming Soon...