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PlasmaPen vs. Dermal Fillers: Which is Better?

by Plasma Pen UKNov 22,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice, Plasma Pen™ Treatment

PlasmaPen vs. Dermal Fillers

In today’s world of cosmetics and beauty, there is no shortage of treatment options available. Whether you are unhappy with the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that you have, or you have noticed sagging skin, you have a lot of choice in regards to non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. Two of the most common cosmetic treatments are PlasmaPen and dermal fillers. Both of these are popular and both of them are able to achieve impressive results, but they are extremely different. In this blog, we have taken a look at how PlasmaPen and dermal fillers work, and which treatment method is right for you and your skin.


How PlasmaPen Works

There is a lot of information on PlasmaPen dotted around our website, so you won’t be short of resources to really delve into what a PlasmaPen device is truly capable of. To keep it simple, PlasmaPen is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Using a device that looks similar to a pen, PlasmaPen generates energy and targets it at problem areas on the skin. This encourages the skin to produce more collagen, which helps skin to look younger, smoother and rejuvenated. After PlasmaPen treatment, you can expect firmer and smoother skin, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

After PlasmaPen treatment, you will typically experience some tightening and improved skin texture, but the full results will become more obvious over the course of several weeks. As the skin heals and collagen production continues, the full extent of a PlasmaPen’s abilities will be seen. The results of PlasmaPen are long lasting, making it a popular choice for those seeking a more youthful appearance. You can have PlasmaPen treatment, knowing that it will make a difference to your skin for a long time.

After PlasmaPen treatment, it’s important to follow proper aftercare, which your treatment provider will guide you on. This is likely to include keeping the treated area clean, dry, avoiding direct sun exposure, avoiding makeup and moisturising regularly.


How Dermal Fillers Work

Another popular cosmetic option to consider is dermal fillers, a treatment which involves injecting a specialised substance into targeted areas beneath the skin. This is a way to restore volume, smooth wrinkles and enhance various contours on the face. With dermal fillers, results are instant, and skin immediately appears plumper and more volumised in the desired areas.

Much like PlasmaPen treatment, the effects of dermal fillers are immediate, but they don’t gradually improve with time. The results that you see after dermal filler treatment are the results that you will always have, until the treatment begins to wear off. Dermal fillers create noticeable improvements in volume and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, but the PlamsPen device is capable of a wider range of things. The longevity of results varies depending on the type of filler used, with some lasting several months and others up to a year.

After you have had dermal fillers, it’s important to follow your treatment provider’s aftercare instructions. This could include avoiding strenuous exercise, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and using cold compresses to minimise swelling. Like PlasmaPen, aftercare is minimal and only for a short amount of time.


Which to Choose?

With two seemingly ideal cosmetic treatments available, which should you choose? You need to weigh up the pros and cons of both, and consider their capabilities in relation to your desired results. Deciding between PlasmaPen and dermal fillers can be tough, as both of them have a lot of benefits and several factors come into play. Here are three things to consider.

  • Results – If you are looking for long term results, PlasmaPen is likely to be the preferable option. The results of PlasmaPen treatment can last for many years, whereas dermal fillers tend to wear off within a year. This means that you are likely to need more dermal filler to keep your skin looking youthful and smooth over the years, compared to how many PlasmaPen sessions you will need.


  • Cost – There are a lot of things that impact the cost of any cosmetic treatment, and PlasmaPen and dermal fillers are no different. The cost of each depends on the number of sessions you need, how large the targeted area is and the extent of the problem. Neither treatment is priced on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. But, considering that dermal fillers wear off a lot quicker, PlasmaPen is a better long term investment. Simply, you get more for your money.


  • Desired Look – A lot of people choose dermal fillers as a way to subtly enhance the appearance of their skin by reducing wrinkles and creating a smoother surface, which they do, but that is as far as dermal fillers go. When you choose PlasmaPen, there are a wider range of treatments and results available. PlasmaPen can also be used to remove moles, correct sun damage, improve acne scarring and more. The PlasmaPen device can do a lot, making it an effective ‘go to’ cosmetic treatment option.


As you can see, PlasmaPen and dermal fillers are both effective ways of achieving smoother, more youthful skin. So, the choice ultimately depends on your individual preferences, budget and desired results. It’s always a good idea to consult a qualified practitioner to determine which option aligns best with your needs, before you embark on your journey to improved skin.

Of course, and it’ll come as no surprise, PlasmaPan gets our vote. Though there are benefits to choosing dermal fillers, PlasmaPen comes out on top as a versatile, effective and safe cosmetic treatment. Contact us today to find out more.

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