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PlasmaPen Healing Process Day by Day

by Plasma Pen UKMay 9,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice, Plasma Pen™ Guide, Plasma Pen™ Treatment


PlasmaPen is capable of providing a wide range of treatments and the results are impressive, but how long does it take to heal? In this blog, we have taken a look at the day to day healing process, to give you an idea of what to expect.

How Long Does it Take to Heal After PlasmaPen Treatment?

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer for how long it takes to heal after PlasmaPen treatment, as it depends on the area of treatment and intensity. You should expect it to take between 7 to 10 days to heal, but seeing the final results can take up to 12 weeks.

How Long Does it Take to See the Final Results?

There is no denying that the results of PlasmaPen treatment are impressive, but you won’t see the results overnight. It can take upto 12 weeks to see the final results, which appear slowly as the skin begins to heal. Before then, you will begin to see a gradual change in your skin.

Day 1

One the first day after treatment, you should expect to see some small dots on the treated area. These are not too noticeable, but it’s likely that you will also experience some swelling. The feeling can be described as something similar to sunburn.

Days 2 and 3

On day two, the dots will dry and you will experience the peak of swelling, and the feeling of sunburn will continue. This is when the recovery process of PlasmaPen treatment is the most noticeable, but it’s important to remember that this stage only lasts a day or two, before the swelling starts to reduce. We do alsoprovide a tinted aftercare foundation with SPF 50+ to help camouflage the dots, if required.

Days 4 and 5

Between day 4-5, the swelling will reduce and you will begin to feel a little bit more comfortable.

Days 5 and 7

The dots mentioned previously will start to shed  and should be left to fall off on their own, so avoid itching or picking at them.

1 to 2 Weeks

During the end of week and into the second, the dots will begin to fall off, and new skin will appear. This new skin may be pink, which is to be expected although as the weeks go on, the pinkness will slowly begin to fade and return to normal.

2 to 8 Weeks

After the scabs have fallen off, the new skin may be tender or slightly sensitive. Use a good quality moisturiser to help the skin to heal. The treated areas will continue to heal as you start seeing the results, which will become more and more apparent.

At PlasmaPen, we understand that a long healing process can be inconvenient after cosmetic treatment, which is why we are proud of the difference that PlasmaPen makes in a matter of weeks. To find out more about the PlasmaPen healing process, get in touch with our helpful team.

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