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Why the Plasma Pen Is an Excellent Facelift Treatment

by PlasmaPenUSAJun 17,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide

Facelift Treatment

The plasma pen is the latest in skin lifting treatments. It has an excellent visual result on one’s skin and the best part is that there is no painful surgical process. To learn more about the advantages of plasma pen as a treatment, keep reading below.

1. Highly Effective

A plasma pen is used in one of the most advanced and effective skin lifting treatments. It uses a pen-shaped tool to treat an individual’s skin in a very precise manner. The pen has a tip which converts electrical energy to diatomic molecular nitrogen in a gaseous form. This then penetrates the skin causing the heat to disrupt the dermal structure. The heat then shrinks the elastin and collagen fibre, resulting in tighter skin.

The plasma pen is highly effective, and it is highly recommended for patients who want to see immediate results.

2. Minimally Invasive

One of the main advantages of using a plasma pen is that it is minimally invasive. There is no need to undergo a surgical procedure, and your skin no longer needs to be cut. For some, they are turned away by invasive procedures due to fear of pain and damage underneath the skin.

3. No Pain

As mentioned above, the process of using the plasma pen is done without the use of any surgical tool or any form of cutting through the skin, meaning the patient will not feel pain. At most, they will feel a bit of heat throughout the process, which is completely normal. For people who are not fans of surgical procedures but want to do a facelift treatment, they may opt for the use of a plasma pen instead.

4. Lower Risk

The plasma pen not only lowers the risk of experiencing pain but will also lessen the risk of having side effects after the procedure. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the patient’s body will not be exposed to any infections and so there is no worry of having horrifying side effects after the procedure.

5. Recovery Time

Since the plasma pen is minimally invasive, the recovery time is also very low. The patient will not have to worry about going through too much downtime or missing opportunities, as they should be back on their feet almost immediately after the procedure.

6. Cost

While the plasma pen treatment may be a little more pricey, it is an excellent investment. The patient does not have to worry about surgical treatments, cutting, or any sort of pain. Instead, it is a quick procedure that offers a shorter recovery time. Just these benefits alone already show that it is a great investment with excellent returns.

7. No Scar

Patients may be worried about scarring after the procedure, but this worry is not a major concern if a plasma pen will be used. It has been found that scarring is rare with the plasma pen. So patients don’t have to worry about going out with scars on their faces. They just need to make sure to take care of their skin after.


The plasma pen is an excellent alternative to most surgical facelift procedures. It is perfect for those who hope to achieve the same results as other facelift treatments but don’t want anything too invasive.

If you are looking for plasma pen suppliers in the UK for your business, you can contact PlasmaPen directly. We boast a worldwide reputation as leading experts in the field of plasma technology as we offer various plasma pen devices with training. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

Please note that plasma pens are not to be used at home for DIY procedures. The use of the plasma pen requires professional training as it can pose a risk if not done properly.

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