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Plasma Fibroblast: An Effective Method of Skin Tightening after Weight Loss

by Customer SupportFeb 23,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide

Losing weight can be a huge transformation for the body, and the mind too. But when that weight loss comes with unexpected or unwanted results, where do you turn?

Inevitably after we lose weight, the skin that had previously stretched to cover a larger surface area needs somewhere to go. In many cases, especially with more drastic weight loss cases, individuals can be left with noticeable amounts of skin that don’t magically shrink back into place as the weight falls off! This is completely normal, though it’s only natural to want to find a skin tightening solution if this happens to you after weight loss.

Here’s a bit more information on skin tightening after weight loss, why this excess skin issue happens, and how you can find an effective treatment for skin tightening with the Plasma Fibroblast procedure.

Where can loose skin occur after weight loss?

Whether you gained weight due to pregnancy, an unhealthier diet or even just lacking the ability to exercise enough, losing weight can be hard. Once the excess is shifted, you might expect to feel like all the weight is off your shoulders! But for some, that isn’t the case. Many who lose over 100lbs are left with saggy skin in problematic areas that they just don’t know how to get rid of. While the health benefits of losing excess weight prevail, it’s this cosmetic worry that many struggle to deal with post-weight loss.

Loose skin occurs in a variety of places on the body after weight loss, and the problem areas can differ from person to person. This excess skin happens due to our skin’s elasticity, which is undoubtedly something we all need. However, over time and if the skin is ‘over stretched’, the same results that can happen with a rubber band may occur – it will lose its elasticity. This is caused by the miniature ruptures that occur in the collagen-rich layers of the skin, and can sometimes be seen as stretch marks as our bodies grow.

When we lose weight, we can lose a lot of the ‘fatty’ layer of cells that the expanded skin has previously been bound to. With nothing to hold on to and the inability to retract due to damaged collagen cells, the skin can then appear unstructured and loose. The main area people experience loose skin after weight loss is the stomach area. Particularly after pregnancy or weight loss surgery, the lower stomach is affected and may droop over. Another problem area for loose skin is the skin on the back of the upper arms. Loose skin on the inside of the thighs is another issue for many. These are the predominant areas for loose skin after weight loss due to the fact they’re the places most people gain the majority of their weight – and subsequently when they lose this weight, the skin is left over.

Using Plasma Fibroblast as an effective treatment for skin tightening

Today, there are plenty of treatments out there that work as skin tightening procedures after weight loss. Many end up resorting to surgery under general anaesthetic for a quick fix, though this requires more recovery time, expenses and of course, is not without its risks. Also known as a tummy tuck, this type of surgery involves invasive incisions and the removal of excess fat and skin from problematic areas.
It may even involve the new placement of the belly button, and the surgery can take up to 5 hours. You’ll likely feel pain during the aftermath of such an invasive surgery, and you’ll most likely remain in hospital for a couple of nights. After this, it can take 6 weeks recovery time for you to witness the final effects – that’s 6 weeks of no work and no exercise! You’ll also be left with scarring around the incision areas. This is evidently the last resort treatment for many, so it’s worth looking into more affordable skin tightening treatments with less recovery times first.

Another treatment for reducing excess skin after weight loss is to use exercise. Resistance training can help you develop firmer muscles that provide the looser skin with something to hold on to, although results can take time and obviously, lots of consistent effort to maintain. Alternatively, you can use creams too. Many cosmetic creams are designed to hydrate the skin and improve its firmness, reducing the effects of loose skin after weight loss. Applying these creams should become part of your dedicated daily skincare routine, and results can take weeks or months to appear. Neither exercise nor the use of topical creams are a quick fix, and gym memberships and expensive cosmetic products with well-researched ingredients can become costly over time.

If you’re looking for faster improvements that are still non-invasive and relatively affordable, one of the first treatments you should try in removing excess skin after weight loss is the Plasma Fibroblast procedure. This is a non-invasive procedure that works as controlled arcs of energy and light stimulate cells to rejuvenate within the first few layers of the epidermis. The Plasma Pen is used to target specific areas on the body that may have excess skin, such as the neck, chin, stomach, back of the upper arms and thighs.

The mini dots created on the surface of the skin heal quickly after the procedure, taking up to 7 days to disappear before the body naturally begins to stimulate the production of new cells and collagen in these targeted areas. Collagen is a necessary structural protein found within the body, that keeps our skin, bones and other tissues healthy. It’s found in plenty of supplements and cosmetic creams, but most importantly it’s something the body creates naturally! The Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment is the preferred route for many looking to reduce loose skin, since the non-invasive procedure encourages natural collagen production that tightens the skin normally. The procedure involves only a topical anaesthetic applied to the areas that will be treated. On top of this, the Plasma Fibroblast treatment can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks, which are often visible after weight loss.

How long does the Plasma Fibroblast treatment last for?

With the Plasma Fibroblast treatment after weight loss, you’ll notice instant results! This is a much quicker procedure than alternative methods such as a tummy tuck, as its much less invasive and involves stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and new skin – rather than relying on surgical incisions and the removal of excess skin altogether.  Of course if the skin has fallen away from the fascia then surgery may be a better alternative to remove the heaviness of the skin.  Plasma Fibroblast treatment can then be performed to soften the surgical scars and tighten the superficial skin which will still be lax post surgery.

You can even dedicate your treatment to specific areas that you’ve noticed undesired changes with after your weight loss. For example, a breast lift costs between £600 – £1,250, and can have impactful results that leave you feeling more confident within just a short time. All Plasma Pen practitioners are exclusively trained by the creators of the Plasma Pen and Fibroblast technique – meaning you know you’re in safe, experienced hands.

You’ll be able to experience the complete results of the procedure within 2 – 4 weeks. This is a much faster treatment when compared with having to endure months of exercise or a dedicated topical cream routine – or even taking the six weeks off work required with surgery! Ultimately, the results of a Plasma Fibroblast treatment for skin tightening after weight loss usually last three years. This is an exceptionally long-lasting result when compared with the level of upkeep required with other techniques, and especially impressive when we consider just how non-invasive and non-surgical the Plasma Pen is.

If you’re interested in securing a Plasma Pen for yourself as a trained aesthetician or cosmetic practitioner, you can contact us today. With a range of payment options available and a variety of high-tech Plasma Pen products, we’ll get you on the right path to providing effective skin tightening treatments after weight loss.

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