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Neck lift without surgery – before and after

by LiamApr 14,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

As we age, the muscles in our necks begin to weaken and the skin around it starts to lose its elasticity resulting in a wrinkled and sagging appearance. This so-called ‘turkey neck’ is one of the tell-tale signs that we are aging and so it is no wonder that many women choose to undergo procedures to correct this. In the past, plastic surgery would have been the only option to remove the saggy skin, but as technology has progressed, a new method – soft surgery – has come to the fore. PlasmaPen is one such tool that provides soft surgery, which can reduce neck wrinkles for your clients with very little aftercare. Wondering how to reduce necklines with PlasmaPen? Or want to see some before and after examples of neck lifts without surgery using PlasmaPen? You’ve come to the right place!

What is PlasmaPen?

Very simply, our PlasmaPen device is able to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin. It is a cost-effective alternative to all other medi-aesthetic procedures you may know – including injectables, fillers, micro-needling, laser, mesotherapy, dermabrasion and chemabrasion, and most elective cosmetic surgery procedures. Our PlasmaPen device converts electrical energy into electrostatic energy to create artificial nitrogen plasma which we then treat the skin with in order to lift and tighten the area. 

PlasmaPen treatment is like no other laser treatment. Some of the advantages of using PlasmaPen for Soft Surgery include:

  • Completely predictable and fully controlled energy to skin architecture
  • Collateral thermal injury is avoided
  • Optimal orientation of the collagen fibers to the surface of the skin
  • The architecture of the skin remains fully intact immediately after soft surgery with no thinning or open wounds
  • Long-lasting results of around three years
  • Affordable, supremely effective, and consistent

How to reduce necklines with PlasmaPen

The PlasmaPen works by stimulating the fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of skin, which causes them to produce collagen, giving back the structure to the secondary skin layer and supporting the neck skin. This, in turn, makes the necklines less pronounced and tightens the architecture of the skin, making it appear plumper and more youthful.

The effects of the PlasmaPen are immediate, and can also have longer-term positive impacts such as improving the stability of the connective tissue and slowing down future effects of the aging process. 

Neck lift without surgery – before and after

PlasmaPen soft surgery procedures are non-evasive meaning there is no need for a general anesthetic. All our neck lift treatments reduce neck wrinkles and lines and give exceptional results. Don’t believe us? Check the images below to see the neck lift without surgery before and after results for yourself.

Reduce neck wrinkles with PlasmaPen training

If you would love to help your clients appear more youthful and reduce the visual signs of aging, training with PlasmaPen could be a fantastic option for you. PlasmaPen offers a great alternative to cosmetic neck surgery and can reduce neck wrinkles in a simple way using soft surgery.  With a proven track record of creating exceptional neck results and reducing necklines, PlasmaPen is the first step to slowing down the first and most obvious signs of aging in the neck.

Our world-famous technician training is a cosmetic dermatology course that you will need to attend and pass in order to become a fully accredited PlasmaPen technician. Post-training and certification, you will be able to professionally and precisely perform all PlasmaPen procedures, including procedures to reduce neck wrinkles, delivering phenomenal results. 

To sign up for PlasmaPen’s world-class training today, head over to our website, where you’ll find full details of training locations and dates.

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