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Is it Safe to Operate a Plasma Pen By Yourself at Home?

by Customer SupportMay 2,2022Plasma Pen™ Advice

PlasmaPen eyelift demonstration

Plasma Pen is the best non-surgical facelift device designed to treat wrinkles, sagging, and dull skin. It is an FDA-approved, CE-approved device also used in performing fibroblast therapy—a process done to stimulate collagen production in the skin. But since it is a non-surgical device, is it safe to use it at home by yourself? Here are some answers.

Can People Use the Plasma Pen at Home?

It can be used at home, but it is recommended to do it in a proper medical setting. The device is not indicated for home use. It is supposed to be used by a medical professional and only under clinical supervision. The device is meant for physicians to use and not for ordinary people.

How Safe to Use is the Plasma Pen?

A statement from the FDA says that it is not a safe practice for anyone to self-administer the device. The device is only intended to use by a medical professional under clinical supervision. It cannot be used at home by an ordinary person because it is a medical device given approval by the FDA.

Do I Need Professional Supervision in Using the Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is designed for medical professionals to use. It is only safe to use it if you are under the supervision of a medical professional. Your dermatologist, for example, is the most recommended medical professional to use the device on your face. The Plasma Pen is safe to use, but it should be under a medical professional’s supervision.

Benefits of Using the Plasma Pen

1. No Need For Surgical Facelifts

You don’t need to undergo surgery to have the device on your face. The device will do the work for you. You can have the widget on your face without pressure, pain, and scars. It is non-surgical, and it is safe to use.

2. Almost Painless to Use

The device is painless to use. There is no need to undergo painful procedures while using the device. It is easy and safe to use.

3. Works Faster and Better

It is an effective way to remove wrinkles and sagging skin. It will give you the skin you want much faster and better. It is much cheaper than undergoing surgery, and it is also painless.

4. Lasting Results

The device leaves behind long-term results. You will not have to undergo any kind of procedure afterwards. You will have long-term effects that you can enjoy even for years.

5. No Side Effects

The device is safe to use, but it is also free from any side effects. You will not experience any side effects while using the device. You can use it without any worries on your part.

Why Should People Use the Plasma Pen?

There are many reasons why people prefer to use the Plasma Pen. It is cost-effective because you don’t have to undergo a surgical procedure. It is much safer to use compared to undergoing surgery. It is non-surgical, and it is safe to use. You can have the best skin of your life by using the Plasma Pen. The device is simple to use and a safe way to have beautiful skin.


The Plasma Pen is a fantastic product that you can use at home. It is ideal to be used by medical professionals because it is not safe to have it on your face. After having it done by a medical professional, you can always revisit the same medical professional to have the procedure done again.

Plasma Pen promotes using a device used in acne mark treatments in the UK. Since it offers the best non-surgical facelift, aestheticians and spa professionals use it to provide age-defying results. Learn more about using the Plasma Pen through our advanced aesthetics training by booking an appointment today.

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