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Is Fibroblast Training Expensive?

by Plasma Pen UKJan 16,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice

PlasmaPen Training

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that fibroblast training is expensive, but you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it can be. Though there is an obvious cost of fibroblast training to begin with, as there is with all types of aesthetic training, PlasmaPen is sure to bring in a lot of business and money. This means that making back your initial payment is simple, straightforward and almost guaranteed. It’s important to view fibroblast training as an investment, rather than a standard cost. Below, we have taken a look at how expensive fibroblast training is.

Cost of Training

There are a handful of things that determine the cost of fibroblast training, such as whether you opt for online training or in person training. You have the option to choose a type of training that works for you and your schedule. The level of training you are undergoing can also change the price slightly, as both Foundation Training and Advanced Training are available. You should expect to pay between £295/$395 – £750/$1000 for fibroblast training, but this is a cost that can be split into manageable amounts.

Train Now, Pay Later

One of the great advantages of fibroblast training is that there are finance options available. At PlasmaPen, we understand that it’s not always possible to pay upfront for training, which is why we offer a ‘Train Now, Pay Later’ option. We have a range of finance options for both the PlasmaPen device and fibroblast training, which can be spread out over three years. You can organise this by getting in touch with our sales team, who will be able to offer you a payment plan that works for you. You can also ‘buy now, pay later’ with PayPal Credit, which offers 0% interest for three months. This also allows you to spread the cost of fibroblast training in a manageable way.

How Long to Make Your Money Back

The key thing to remember with fibroblast training is that it’s an investment; a cost that will help you to further your career and earnings in the long run. Not only will you eventually be able to recuperate the costs of fibroblast training by offering PlasmaPen treatments, but you can extend your services and offerings. With more treatments available, you will appeal to a wider range of patients. Once you have completed your fibroblast training and begin practising, you can set your own rates. This will allow you to make your own money back quickly, making it a worthwhile investment that doesn’t take too long to boost your profits.

To find out more about PlasmaPen and the cost of fibroblast training, get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team.


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