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How to Spot, Recruit and Retain Top Talent for your Beauty Salon’s Success

by Plasma Pen UKMay 22,2024Salon Marketing Ideas

How to Spot, Recruit and Retain Top Talent for your Beauty Salon's Success

In the competitive beauty industry, standing out is key. There are a lot of ways to make a statement and showcase yourself as a salon worth paying attention to, and a lot of them rely on the quality of your team. Recruiting top talent can help you to deliver exceptional service and build a loyal client base.



Identifying Top Talent to Boost Your Salon’s Success

Spotting top talent for a beauty salon requires a combination of intuition and observation, and a good understanding of what a great team asset looks like. Here are some of the key things to look for when you’re identifying the perfect person to join your beauty salon.


  • Technical Abilities – Look for candidates who have impressive skills and expertise in their craft, whether that’s CoolJet, Plasma Pen or other skincare treatments. Assess their portfolio or ask for a demonstration to see for yourself, and determine if their capabilities align with what you need from a new employee.


  • Creativity – Top candidates in the beauty industry often have a strong sense of creativity and innovation, so look for those who can showcase their creativity through unique technique or innovative approaches to beauty trends.


  • Customer Service Skills – Excellent customer service is essential in the salon industry. Focus on candidates who have strong communication skills, empathy and a genuine desire to meet the needs of clients.


  • Professionalism – It’s important for everyone in your team to be reliable, punctual and professional at all times. Look for candidates who demonstrate a strong work ethic, take pride in what they do, and show dedication to their craft.


  • Adaptability – The beauty industry is always changing, and new trends, techniques and products regularly emerge. Look for candidates who can adapt to change, stay updated on industry trends, and develop professionally as the needs of your salon change.



The Key to Recruiting Top Salon Talent

There are a lot of talented professionals out there, many of which are going to be perfect for your salon. But, with many salons to choose from, you need to grab their attention and show that your salon is one that’s worth working at.


  • Showcase Your Salon Culture – You can give potential candidates a glimpse into your workplace culture through engaging social media content, highlighting the type of workplace that they can expect. You could share videos or photos, showcasing your team’s services, highlighting a positive workplace environment. Share glimpses of the lighter side of working with your team, from festive celebrations to team building activities and social outings. Social media posts can inspire potential candidates and showcase your team’s achievements.


  • Emphasise Career Growth Opportunities – Highlight opportunities for career advancement and skill development within your salon, to show potential employees that there are long term benefits that come with the job. Provide ongoing training and education programs, support staff members in pursuing certifications and advanced training, and offer clear routes for career progression.


  • Advertise on Social Media – Advertising a job on social media will ensure that a large number of people see the post, increasing the number of people that apply. Whether you’re searching for a beauty therapist, receptionist or Plasma Pen expert, social media can help you to reach a wider audience. Even if you’re using other recruitment channels such as job boards or local websites, don’t forget about social media advertising.



Top Tips for Retaining Top Beauty Salon Talent

Once you have found the ideal employees for your beauty salon, you need to focus on retaining them. Here are some of our top tips for retaining beauty salon staff:


  • Offer Competitive Compensation Packages – Money plays a significant role in motivating salon employees. It’s important to assess whether your current compensation and benefits package remains competitive compared to other salons in the local area. Aspects such as hourly pay rates or commission percentages, performance bonuses, tips policies, annual leave and pension contributions are all benefits that employees look for. Regularly researching industry salary norms and adjusting your offerings accordingly can help ensure you retain top talent.


  • Build a Welcoming Community – Building a strong connection and creating a welcoming environment is a key part of employee retention. Instead of isolating experienced staff, encourage them to work together, and encourage new hires to shadow and learn from existing members of the team. You could arrange regular team building events, such as meals, volunteer opportunities or days out, as a way to bring everyone together in a relaxed setting, away from the workplace. Take the time to highlight employee accomplishments, such as completing advanced training or receiving positive client feedback, to acknowledge their success and boost morale.


  • Invest in Employee Training and Growth – Supporting the professional growth of salon staff and enhancing their expertise can help with employee retention. If you can, allocate funding for employees to attend conferences, workshops and classes. It’s also a good idea to organise training sessions conducted by staff members, external experts or representatives from product brands. For example, you could expand employees’ expertise by organising PlasmaPen training. By prioritising opportunities for continuous learning and career advancement, employees will feel valued and invested in their roles.


At Plasma Pen, we know how difficult it can be to stand out as a beauty salon, but spotting, recruiting and retaining top talent can make a big difference. With a team of talented and reliable experts, you can offer a wide range of treatments and appeal to a varied audience. To add Plasma Pen to your list of offerings get in touch with our helpful team of experts.

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