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How Long Does it Take to Train as a PlasmaPen Technician?

by Plasma Pen UKNov 22,2022Plasma Pen™ Advice

skin treatment

If you are interested in becoming a PlasmaPen technician, you will need to undergo professional training. This is carried out by our team of experts, and it gives you the opportunity to expand the range of treatments that you are able to offer to clients.

Foundation Training

If you are wanting to train as a PlasmaPen technician, this course is where you will start your journey. You will need to have experience of working in aesthetics to join, or a level 2 beauty or aesthetics qualification showcasing your skills. Our Foundation Training is an OCN accredited course and everything is supported by our online training portal. Over the course of 20 hours, you will have a mixture of theory work and practical work.

In regards to the theory side of things, the assessment is online and the work involves self marking. You will cover topics such as skin anatomy, physiology, skin disorders, pigmentation and the inflammatory response. Foundation Training will also cover the basic principles of fibroblasting treatment, safety in the workplace and PPE.

The practical aspect of the course focuses on consultations and client assessments, and performing a variety of skin tightening techniques. What you learn during the practical part of the course will go hand in hand with everything covered in the theory work. The practical learning takes place over a full day and qualifies you to provide upper and lower eyelids, crows’ feet, brows and skin rejuvenation treatments using PlasmaPen.

Advanced Training

If you have completed our Foundation Training and you want to further your PlasmaPen knowledge, allowing you to offer a wide range of treatments to clients, you can move onto Advanced Training. You can also take part in our Advanced Training course if you are a technician who already works with a similar device, but you are wanting to change to using PlasmaPen. This course requires 25 hours of study, all of which is supported by our online training portal.

As part of Advanced Training, you will cover all of the topics covered in the Foundation Training course, but in a lot more depth. You will delve into moles, acne, scars, age spots, thread veins and other conditions that can be treated with PlasmaPen. You will also learn how to treat a variety of different skin types and how to tailor your treatments to individual clients. This course is a more detailed, informative and advanced look at what can be achieved with PlasmaPen.

Other Qualifications

Both our Foundation Training and Advanced Training courses cover everything you need to know about becoming a PlasmaPen technician. However, you will require some knowledge of the beauty and aesthetic industry before you begin. An NVQ Level 3 or equivalent is required to undergo PlasmaPen training, which generally takes around six months to complete. However, this does depend on how much time is dedicated to the course, and you might find that you have the required qualifications sooner.

For more information on how to become a PlasmaPen technician and to find out when our next training sessions are, get in touch with our helpful team of experts.

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