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How Does PlasmaPen Compare to Fillers?

by Plasma Pen UKNov 18,2022Uncategorized

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There are a lot of aesthetic treatments out there, many of which claim to provide similar results. This is why a lot of people find themselves struggling to choose between PlasmaPen and fillers, as they claim to target the same comet problems. Below, we have taken a look at how PlasmaPen compares to fillers.


As PlasmaPen treatment is new and innovative, it’s likely that PlasmaPen treatment will cost more than fillers. However, the results are longer lasting, and therefore fewer sessions are needed to keep on top of results. You will continue to see results developing for up to 12 weeks after treatment after PlasmaPen, and these results then last for up to three years. As the results of filler wear off a lot sooner, you are likely to find yourself booking another session sooner, and then more regularly going forward.

Long Lasting

One of the main benefits of PlasmaPen is that the results are instant and long lasting, which cannot be said for all filler treatments. From the moment the PlasmaPen session begins, the appearance of the skin slowly begins to improve, and the results of this are evident for many years. Whereas the effects of a single PlasmaPen session can last for up to three years, fillers tend to wear off anywhere between six months to a year after treatment.


The chances of a complication happening during PlasmaPen treatment is slim, and there are minimal risks involved. Hyperpigmentation is one of the only risks with PlasmaPen, and this only affects a small number of people, and mainly those with darker skin tones. If you are worried about changes to your pigmentation as a result of PlasmaPen, you can have a test patch done beforehand.

There are more risks associated with fillers including uneven lumps appearing under the skin, scarring and the filler moving from one area to another. It’s also possible to have too much filler, which could result in more severe or extreme results than you intended.

After Care

There is very little after care involved with PlasmaPen treatment, and you can return to work immediately after your session. You should keep the treated area away from hot showers, shower gels and beauty products for the first few days but, other than that, you are free to go about your life as normal.

It’s a similar story for fillers, and you should also avoid touching or wetting the treated area for the first six to eight hours. If you are experiencing any swelling or discomfort, you can gently apply a cold compress. Like PlasmaPen, there is very little after care involved with having fillers.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that come with choosing PlasmaPen as your ‘go to’ cosmetic treatment. This is why it’s such a popular aesthetic treatment, especially to those wanting impressive results quickly. To find out more about PlasmaPen treatment and how it could improve the appearance of your skin, get in touch with our experts.

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