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What Is Fibroblast Treatment and Is It Safe to Get?

by Customer SupportMay 2,2022Plasma Pen™ Advice

around eye before and after treatment

There’s finally a solution for those who want to get a facelift without undergoing surgery. Fibroblast is a non-invasive facial treatment that gives the same effects as a facelift. While it is not exactly your traditional cream treatment, it does not need the client to go under a knife.

What Exactly Is Fibroblast and How Does It Work?

You will send charges of plasma gas on your client’s skin using a small, pen-like device. This will create small micro holes in their skin and force it to tighten and contract. No electricity will be touching them, and the plasma will only touch the surface of their skin. The holes are much smaller than what a needle can produce, making it even more effective.

Is Fibroblast Painful?

An anaesthetic cream will be applied before the procedure. This will help numb their skin and prevent any discomfort during the treatment. While the treatment is ongoing, there is a high chance the client may mention feeling heat in the areas being treated but, they should feel no pain.

After the treatment and when the effects of the anaesthetic cream wear off, they will most likely feel leftover heat and tingling on their skin. At most, they will probably feel very minimal pain or discomfort. Nothing too serious and should wear off hours after the treatment is done.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Overall, the treatment is known to be safe and effective. However, just like any other dermal treatment, there are side effects that come along with it. However, these side effects are merely temporary and should wear off over time.

What Are the Side Effects?

Because it uses plasma gas, there will most likely be redness and possibly swelling. The intensity, however, will depend on the area being treated. Some areas, such as the ones nearer the eyes, are more prone to these side effects.

Additionally, some patients will experience dark brown crusts growing over their face. This is just the skin scabbing due to the micro holes that the treatment has caused.

Aside from these side effects, you should not experience anything else. Make sure to follow up on your patients and ask them about their condition. If they feel any other side effects aside from the ones mentioned above, there may be an area of concern. Advise them to return to you to get checked or to proceed immediately to the nearest medical institution.

How Much Downtime Will There Be?

While we did mention that there will be side effects, they are more cosmetic, and no downtime will be necessary. Your patient should be able to get back to their daily function without suffering and nuisance to anything they have to do.

The side effects are purely cosmetic, and most of the time, you can advise your patient to use makeup to cover it up. However, make sure the patient only uses makeup with caution, and if there is any sort of reaction, they should immediately let you know. These side effects should also only last about 5-7 days, and any more than that should be brought to your attention.

After the treatment, make sure to give the patient a thorough aftercare routine for them to follow.


Getting a facelift can be expensive and a hassle to go through. Fibroblast is an excellent alternative to undergoing surgery, and many people are now opting for it. This is a service that you need to get on and offer at your clinic. So that next time you have a patient who is hesitant to go under the knife, you can easily present Fibroblast as an option for them.

If you are looking to offer fibroblast treatment at your establishment, you can do so with a fibroblast plasma pen. Purchase from us at PlasmaPen to supply your own place with these devices and offer this type of treatment. Expand your service offerings by purchasing from PlasmaPen, and you can even get a training course on how to use it with us!

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