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What to Consider When Buying a Plasma Pen for Your Business?

by PlasmaPenUSAJul 6,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide


So you’ve decided to get a plasma pen for your business. But you aren’t sure what to get because it’s your first time finding one. You were definitely surprised to find out that there are multiple models, and it’s hard to know what to pick. Don’t worry though; we got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when buying a plasma pen.

1. Research What You Need

As you’ve probably noticed, there are quite a few types of plasma and they are quite different from each other. That’s because each model focuses on a specific job and some might not be the most suitable for your work. That’s why we recommend you read our in-depth reviews of the best plasma device. After that, you can go through their specifications and decide which one is worth your money.

2. Check Claims

Plasma pens make a ton of claims about how much heat the unit can put out. However, you need to check those claims to make sure that you don’t get scammed. A good plasma pen should be able to work for hours on a full battery which is why a plug-in-the-wall device is much better than a rechargeable battery-operated device. It’s also important to determine the actual temperature of the pen when it’s in use.

Make sure that these claims also have evidence or certification to them. See if they are backed by any reputable professionals or if there are reliable testimonies to the product.

3. Know What Brands are Trusted

Some brands are highly trusted in the industry. They have consistently worked towards bringing the best quality products to their customers. So when you are looking for a quality plasma pen, it is best to start searching with brands that you know are well-trusted in the industry.

4. Find Reviews

The best way to determine if a plasma pen is worth the price is to read its reviews. First, you need to look for reviews that aren’t sponsored. After that, you can look for the other reviews to determine which ones are the most honest. From there, you’ll be able to see what people are saying about the product and whether it’s worth your money.

5. Check the Safety

Safety is probably the most important factor in looking for a plasma pen. You definitely don’t want to use a pen that will overheat or possibly harm any of your patients. Make sure that it is safe and that it automatically stops when it touches the skin to avoid burning your patients.

6. Usability

This is another important feature to look for. If you are buying a plasma pen for work, you will want it to be easy to use. Be sure to check the ergonomics of the pen. How comfortable is the pen, and how safe are the buttons to press? If the pen feels uncomfortable, you may be unable to use it properly.

7. Customer Support

Plasma pens are quite complicated to use and need to be kept in good condition. Therefore, you’ll need great customer support from your pen to get the most out of it. After all, the pen is an investment for your business, so you want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of it.  It is always best to buy direct from the manufacturer, this is exactly what the original PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh is, owned and manufactured in Germany with all the stamps of approval.


Before you head out to get your new plasma pen, make sure to put these factors into consideration. You’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the best quality pen that fits all your needs and is made with your safety in mind. We hope this article has been of help. We wish you all the best with your hunt for the perfect plasma pen!

Interested in getting a plasma pen for your business? You can get the leading device from PlasmaPen. We not only offer devices but also training to ensure that our buyers are trained professionally. Contact us to learn more.

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