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Botox, fillers or fibroblasting – which is best?

by LiamNov 13,2020Plasma Pen™ Guide

Botox and fillers are invasive procedures that aim to make you look younger. But what if we said you can achieve these results without the pain and downtime associated with botox and fillers?

Well, that is exactly the case with PlasmaPen fibroblasting procedures. As the best fibroblast pen on the market, PlasmaPen can give you the results you have always been looking for.

Read on as PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International answers some of your questions about botox and fillers and why you might like to choose a fibroblast treatment instead.

The difference between botox, fillers, and fibroblast treatments

When we age, facial wrinkles can become a problem. As we all want to look youthful for as long as possible, botox is designed to block signals from the nerves to muscles, making your wrinkles relax and soften. Not only is botox used to make you look younger, but it can also prevent migraines and contour the face.

Fillers are also injectable treatments that aim to fill lines and wrinkles. They also add volume to areas of the face, for example, the lips and cheeks.

However, there is now a brand-new, revolutionary treatment on the block – PlasmaPen fibroblast. As a non-invasive treatment, the fibroblast pen utilizes nitrogen plasma that interacts with skin tissue, with faster results and minimal risks. Best of all, the fibroblast pen doesn’t require any injectables whatsoever.

Is fibroblasting better than botox?

Botox and the fibroblast pen both have their differences. Botox freezes facial muscles and can affect facial expression. The fibroblast pen works completely differently by creating tiny carbon crusts on the outer layer of the skin. Once those have healed you can see the full effects of your PlasmaPen fibroblast skin-tightening treatment.

Fibroblast pen provides you with exceptional results, without the need for any invasive needles. Results can last for as long as three years and can be performed on a variety of facial and bodily areas. The fibroblast pen offers differences to botox in terms of post-treatment aftercare too.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Botox, PlasmaPen fibroblast might be your solution, and here’s why.

PlasmaPen fibroblast benefits

The benefits of the fibroblast pen include:

  • Treats lower, mid, and upper facial areas
  • Exceptional results with minimal risks
  • Doesn’t alter the appearance of the whole facial area
  • Return to work the same day

PlasmaPen fibroblast reviews

The fibroblast pen is now being used worldwide, treating a wide range of body areas, not just limited to facial areas. With more and more clients opting for this revolutionary treatment, people from across the world are witnessing exceptional results. PlasmaPen leaves them feeling much more youthful and confident within themselves thanks to its fibroblasting treatment.

Why not check out why PlasmaPen fibroblasting is the new treatment everyone is opting for over invasive botox and fillers!?

Check out PlasmaPen fibroblast today to find out more.

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