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Benefits of the best non-surgical facelift – The 3-Step Progressive Facelift

by LiamJul 7,2020Plasma Pen™ Treatment

Are you looking for the best non-invasive facelift that delivers incredible results without the need for costly and invasive surgery? Here at PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International, our soft-surgical 3-Step Progressive Facelift could be just the solution for you. We will explain all of the benefits of one of the best non-surgical facelifts treatments in this article.

What is the PlasmaPen 3-step progressive facelift?

The 3-step progressive facelift works by simultaneously tightening, brightening, and resurfacing the skin. Using our revolutionary PlasmaPen fibroblasting device the innovative 3-step progressive facelift is one of the best non-surgical facelift treatments around as it allows for almost instant results.

This 3-step progressive facelift is named due to the fact that the neck and facelift treatments are split over three appointments. These appointments are strategically spaced out for the fastest recovery time. So, before you know it your client’s face and neck look entirely refreshed, resurfaced and more youthful.

Benefits of the best non-surgical facelift from PlasmaPen

Not only does the 3-step progressive facelift have short recovery periods, but both clients and PlasmaPen technicians see numerous other benefits including:

A facelift works to tighten the entire face including the skin around the eyes and neck
The 3-step progressive facelift works to reduce the appearance of sun damage
A PlasmaPen face and neck lift works to resurface and even out skin tone for flawless results

Why is the 3-step progressive facelift one of the best non-surgical treatments?

Here at PlasmaPen, we pride ourselves on both the fast recovery time and exceptional results of all of our Plasma treatments; particularly our 3-step progressive facelift. Your clients will be able to see the benefits of their 3-step progressive facelift treatment for a considerable amount of time. They will be able to enjoy the skin-rejuvenation, tightening and firming results for up to 3 years in most instances, however, it is important to note that your lifestyle factors can shorten or prolong the life of your non-surgical facelift.

Secondly, at PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International, we ensure a complete, tailored approach to your 3-step progressive facelift. As each individual has completely different skin and lifestyle factors our expert PlasmaPen technicians will develop a treatment program that works for you.

Who is the progressive facelift suitable for?

As one of the best and most versatile non-invasive facelift treatments available the 3-step progressive facial is suitable for anyone aged 25+. This procedure helps to eliminate the signs of ageing by helping to reduce the appearance of sun damage and stimulating collagen production. This face and necklift delivers skin tightening and rejuvenation properties to benefit all skin types, no matter what the age of your client is.

Best non-surgical facelifts from PlasmaPen

As a market leader with the truly revolutionary PlasmaPen device, the 3-step progressive facelift is just one of our popular face and neck lift treatments.

For more information on the 3-step progressive facelift, and the other leading best non-surgical facelift treatments, visit our website or get in touch today using our contact form or email info@plasmapen.com.

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