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Ask the Trainers – Why I chose PlasmaPen™

by LiamDec 14,2020Plasma Pen™ Advice

Following the huge success of our first ‘Ask the Trainers’ posts, we wanted to ask our International Head of Training, Julie Newman-Seunarayan, just why she chose PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International. Read on to find out more about why Julie decided to invest in her first PlasmaPen device and training.

Julie soon moved on to become our amazing International Head of Training, located from her very own beauty clinic in Leamington Spa and travelling the world to deliver face-to-face training to budding PlasmaPen technicians in over 40-countries.

Hi Julie, thanks for joining us! Why did you want to add PlasmaPen treatments to your clinic?

Well, for years, I had spent a fortune on very expensive machines that all promised to tighten the skin on the face and body. Whilst they might have done this to a degree, none of them achieved the results that my clients were looking for.

For my clients who wanted to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles, I wanted to find a way to shrink and tighten the top layers of skin without the need for surgery, so they could carry on with their daily lives. None of my clients wanted to be battered and bruised after surgery! They wanted to return to work and their social lives straightaway.

I was amazed when I found out that there was a fibroblast pen that could do just that! I no longer needed massive, expensive machines taking up space in my clinic. Instead, I could invest in a simple nitrogen-PlasmaPen that would tighten the skin. And the best part was, I could travel with it easily!

That’s great! So what made you choose PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International?

Once I’d heard about fibroblast pen devices, I wanted to learn everything there was to know about them and how they work. So, I started researching every single aesthetician and medical-grade fibroblast device available on the market. I was amazed to learn that there are so many different types available, but a lot of them don’t achieve the results that the PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International does.

There are a lot of cheap, ineffective devices available on the market that are simply not pure nitrogen-plasma devices. Plenty of these can cause considerable damage to a client’s skin, particularly the ones that require you to touch the skin. PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International is completely different. PlasmaPen’s fibroblast pen is straightforward to use and more importantly incredibly safe to use.

The probes are not designed to touch the skin. Instead, they are designed to transfer nitrogen-plasma to the skin by being held just slightly above the surface of the skin. This transferral of nitrogen-plasma creates microtrauma that stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin.

Once I had tried a range of devices on the market and seen the results that the PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International could deliver – I was instantly hooked! I just knew my clients would love this treatment.

How has PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International helped you to grow your business?

Hugely! Within the first three days, I had completely earnt back a full return on my investment. The treatments are so popular that I have secured a very loyal following of clients who continue to come back to me because they love the results they see following their PlasmaPen fibroblast treatments.

Would you recommend PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International to other aestheticians looking to expand their services?

Of course! I think you have nothing to lose and only plenty to gain. The fibroblast treatment results really do speak for themselves.

My clients are walking billboard advertisements for my clinic. They are so impressed with the skin-tightening, resurfacing and rejuvenating results following a PlasmaPen treatment that they tell everyone about their treatments. As a result of this, I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people coming to me for fibroblasting treatments.

What is your favourite thing about PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International?

It’s hard to choose just one thing that I love about PlasmaPen more than anything, but if I had to choose I would say it is the way they continually innovate.

PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International is always inventing new ways to use the pen and support their technicians to grow their business. As fibroblast treatments are still relatively new, we have a lot of scopes to continually develop new and innovative treatments.

I also love the fact that PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International is manufactured by themselves, themselves, with no middleman driving up the cost. This fibroblast pen is packed with the very latest in nitrogen-plasma technology. This is what makes the PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International the very best in my opinion. Finally, I also think that the full range of Louise Walsh International treatment and aftercare products help to ensure that my clients see the very best results after their treatments.

Put simply, I would encourage anyone who is looking into fibroblast training to consider PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International. The device, the training, and the range of products on offer are world-class.

Train with PlasmaPen and join our worldwide family

Does Julie have you convinced? Purchase your PlasmaPen device and training to start your journey as one of our PlasmaPen technicians in over 40 countries around the world. Contact our customer success team to find out more about our world-class fibroblast training and device package. PlasmaPen can help you grow your business.

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