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Are There Any Side Effects to Fibroblast Treatment?

by Plasma Pen UKMar 20,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice, Plasma Pen™ Treatment

There are a lot of surgical cosmetic treatments out there with serious side effects and lengthy recovery times, but PlasmaPen treatment is different. Using a PlasmaPen device, it’s entirely possible to perform a wide range of cosmetic treatments in a non-surgical and non-invasive way. This means less recovery time, less downtime and fewer side effects. One of the main uses of PlasmaPen is fibroblast treatment, and we have taken a look at the side effects below.

Will I See Side Effects?

You may encounter a side effect or two after having fibroblast treatment, and these tend to vary from person to person. You might be lucky and notice zero side effects during the healing process, and some people do, but most people experience something minor. Mild pain, swelling and redness over the next couple of days is extremely common. After all, fibroblast treatment damages the skin slightly in order to encourage healing and collagen production. These side effects progress to stinging, itchiness, dry skin, crusting and weeping yellow pus, which are also considered normal.

Are The Side Effects Dangerous?

You will be pleased to know that the side effects to fibroblast treatment are not dangerous, and they are not something to worry about. At most, some of the side effects might be irritating to your skin or even slightly painful, but this is all part of the process of skin tightening. Luckily, side effects of fibroblast treatment are not long lasting, and they should disappear within a few days.

How Can I Minimise Side Effects?

Though there are possible side effects of fibroblast treatment, there are things that you can do to minimise them. Aftercare is something that your clinician will talk you through after your treatment, and the exact advice could differ depending on the type of treatment that you have had. They will be able to tell you exactly how to care for your skin to promote healthy healing. Things such as avoiding UV exposure and avoiding certain skincare products for two weeks are key, as is avoiding sweating and anything that could irritate the skin. It’s recommended that you our aftercare products, such as the Advanced Repair Healing Lotion.

At PlasmaPen, we understand that the possibility of side effects can be daunting, but they aren’t something that you need to worry about. As long as you choose a trained PlasmaPen practitioner, of which there are many, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands. To find out more about PlasmaPen and how it can benefit you, get in touch with our team of experts.

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