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Are Plasma Pens Safe?

by Plasma Pen UKAug 12,2022Plasma Pen™ Advice

Yes, certified, German-made Plasma Pens, ergonomically designed with Plasma Pen tech, are completely safe to use, providing procedures are administered by a trained professional.

So, why the concern?

A sleek, handheld device, that reduces the signs of aging, all at the touch of a button.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It’s perfectly understandable that the sceptic in us may think there must be a catch; so let’s try and break it down and work out the burning question (excuse the pun)…

‘Are Plasma Pens Safe?’

This article will address some fears people may have concerning Plasma Skin-Tightening procedures, such as differentiating a true Plasma device from a fake, the correct treatment techniques and aftercare essentials.

But first, let’s get some clarity on the science behind the skin-tightening procedure.


How Do Plasma Pens Work?

Our world-renowned Plasma Pens work by utilising exclusive Plasma Pen Tech™ to create plasma energy.

Plasma is formed through the ionization of atmospheric gasses and creates a small, controlled micro-trauma that forces the dermis to produce healthy new collagen and elastin to help plump and smooth the skin – all without actually touching the skin with the pen.

This is a completely non-surgical, non-invasive procedure which is used to tighten skin, improve skin texture, and offer improvements in facial contour.

So, why is there a perception that plasma treatments may be dangerous?


The Dangers of ‘Plasma’ Pens (and how to avoid them!)

The most common problem we come across through our vast experience in this industry is the issue of copycats.

As the first manufacturer of Plasma Pen devices, we have seen many companies attempt to create fake, rip-off Plasma devices to turn a quick profit.

This, unfortunately, has come to the detriment of unassuming clients that did not thoroughly research the pen or the manufacturer before buying.

With a lot of misinformation presently out there regarding the plasma industry, it is easy enough to see why some people have been tricked.

Please beware that these cheap, rip-off pens are very often electrical pens or ‘mole remover’ pens. They may seem tempting due to their price point, but they do NOT use real plasma technology and can be incredibly dangerous to use on the skin.


How do you differentiate a true Plasma device from a fake?

Well, true Plasma Pen devices will only work when the probe is held 1-2mm above the skin and a ‘plasma arc’ is generated in the gap between the tip of the probe and the skin.

Unlike imitations and electrical devices, the pen should not EVER touch the skin. True Plasma Pens will automatically turn off if they go too close to the skin’s surface, making them completely safe to use.

For in-depth analysis on how to avoid mistakes when buying a plasma pen, please download our FREE EBOOK, titled ‘7 Deadly Sins Technicians Make With Plasma-Fibroblast Pens.’ Here.

The Answer

Yes, Plasma Pens are completely safe to use, providing they are certified Plasma Pen tech, made in Germany, and ensuring procedures are administered by a trained professional.

At Plasma Pen, we don’t just sell the pen and leave you to it.

Far from it.

We offer both foundation and advanced training courses, giving you the chance to become an expert and earn a significant weekly income.

We also then provide continuous, 24/7 support for all our graduates, for as long as they are using the device.

If you are interested in providing Plasma Pen treatments in your aesthetic clinic, then make sure you only get the best Plasma Pen on the market. Plasma Pen is the brand trusted by skin experts worldwide and should be your choice, too.

For more information, including finance options, please visit the following link:


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