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Everything You Need to Know About Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

by PlasmaPenUSAMay 12,2022Plasma Pen™ Guide


Looking like your best self is necessary for everyone. For this reason, people go above and beyond in making themselves handsome or pretty. Unfortunately, some people consider themselves not good-looking, causing them to have confidence and self-esteem issues. While getting a facelift is a solution, not everyone wants to go under the knife. For this reason, people go for the next best thing: plasma fibroblast therapy.

Plasma fibroblast therapy is a cosmetic procedure that repairs and restores the skin. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses your plasma fibroblasts and their natural healing properties. They are cells that regenerate tissue, and they help in the repair of damaged tissues. Furthermore, the plasma fibroblasts are introduced into the skin via micro-needle injection, a sensation-free process that causes little blood loss.

If you’re thinking of getting it but have reservations, we’ll shed light on the matter to help you be informed. Read on below to get started.

More about Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

Plasma fibroblast therapy uses fibroblasts embedded in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. The fibroblasts and platelets promote the production of growth factors, like collagen and elastin, which will reduce wrinkles and signs of skin ageing.

This procedure aims to restore damaged areas of the skin and promote tissue healing. It’s also used to improve and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, scars, and stretch marks. It’s also used to treat damaged skin resulting from burns, sun damage, acne, and even stretch marks.

How It Works

The process of plasma fibroblast therapy is painless. It involves the application of a tourniquet to ensure the safety of the area. After the tourniquet is applied, the skin is cleaned, and then the micro-needles are inserted into the skin. They are injected into the areas that need treatment.

The plasma fibroblast therapy is a one-time procedure; it doesn’t need any future touch-ups. It uses adult stem cells that cause your cells to regenerate and grow. This is a safer procedure than using donor stem cells or artificial filler.

Most patients feel mild discomfort during plasma fibroblast therapy. However, some patients may experience numbness or slight bleeding. The treatment can take up to an hour to complete, so it’s crucial to find a clinic with a skilled and professional doctor to administer the treatment.

Who Can Get It?

Plasma fibroblast therapy is a non-surgical procedure, making it ideal for anyone considering a surgical or invasive cosmetic procedure. It’s excellent for all skin types, especially dry skin.

It’s the perfect option for anyone looking to improve their appearance, including those looking to remove scars and stretch marks and those looking to remove wrinkles. It is also used to treat burns and stretch marks and improve the appearance of acne scars.

Because the treatment only uses your plasma fibroblasts, it poses little to no risk. It’s a safe and effective procedure with little to no side effects, so anyone getting it should have no worries.

Recovery Period

The first week after the session, scabs and redness may appear in the treatment area. The scabs should fall off after a week, and the redness should fade. There is also mild swelling, but it should subside within a week without using any pain medications.

As the weeks go by, you should notice your skin looking more radiant and glowing. Results may vary, but you should see noticeable improvements in the first eight weeks after the treatment.

Possible Side Effects

Some possible side effects that you may experience include redness, bruising, and swelling. However, these are temporary and should go away within a few days of the treatment.

There are some rare cases of side effects, but they may cause concern and a sign of an infection. For example, if the area becomes infected, red streaks may appear. This is the body’s way of fighting the infection. You must seek medical attention if you suspect infection to ensure that you won’t experience more issues later.

The Cost of Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

In the UK, plasma fibroblast therapy costs from £150 to as high as £1500, depending on the treated area. This price also depends on the clinic where you plan to get the treatment. To find a clinic that offers this treatment, look for beauty spas, cosmetic surgery clinics, and clinic-based physicians.

You should beware of clinics that only offer a discount if you buy multiple sessions, as they may not be qualified. Look for a clinic that is licensed and has experienced physicians and nurses. Shop around, ask questions, and read reviews to ensure you go to the right place.


Plasma fibroblast therapy is an excellent treatment for anyone looking to improve their skin. It’s very effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and scars. It’s also a great alternative to cosmetic surgery because it’s a safe, effective, and affordable procedure.

If you’re looking to get plasma fibroblast therapy, our plasma pens at PlasmaPen can help you! We provide top-quality plasma pens to ensure that you get the results you want. We also offer different variants if you’re going to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy for affordable prices. Simply go to our website and take your pick!

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