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A guide to PlasmaPen™’s advanced aesthetics academy

by LiamApr 9,2020Plasma Pen™ Guide

There’s a reason that PlasmaPen™ technicians are renowned for their professional, effective treatments; all of them have attended one of our training academies to receive our accredited plasmapen training. Read on to find out more about our aesthetic training academy courses and what you need to do to become one of our fully certified PlasmaPen™ cosmetic experts. 

What level can you qualify to?

PlasmaPen™ training to Elite Technician level is the most basic training level that we deliver. It is, in theory, an aesthetic course for beginners and will allow you to carry out treatments on the eyes, face, neck and other body areas. You will learn to perform all the primary PlasmaPen™ procedures and deliver the outstanding results that are synonymous with technicians trained through Louise Walsh International academies. 

Advanced Technician

PlasmaPen™ training to the level of Advanced Technician will certify you for advanced, complex procedures. These include facelifts, abdominal work, advanced resurfacing and rejuvenating techniques, skin tag and mole removal as well as pigmentation work and scar revision. 

Master Technician/Trainer

For the best of the best, head to our advanced aesthetics academy in various locations for the Master Trainer PlasmaPen™ training course. These ambassadors are hand-picked for the top tier of training and will go on to work within our global network. They are responsible for carrying out the most complex procedures and coaching others. 

How can you progress?

Anyone with the desire to learn can undertake PlasmaPen™ training at Elite Technician level. You will be vetted in advance for eligibility – but don’t let that put you off applying if you are eager to become one of our skilled technicians. Afterall, aesthetic courses for beginners are meant to be built upon.

To progress to the level of Advanced Technician you will have to demonstrate that you have completed a minimum number of treatments at Elite Technician level. This ensures that you have mastered the basic skills and are confident and experienced enough to progress to the next level. 

Anyone who has purchased our PlasmaPen™ Ultra device will automatically receive training to the level of Advanced Technician. 

Our Master Technicians and Trainers are selected by Louise Walsh International for training at the top tier, they are hand picked as highly skilled Advanced Technicians to advance to the next level. 

How will your PlasmaPen™ training be delivered?

We want our aesthetic practitioners to be able to deliver world leading treatments, procedures and aftercare to their clients. This means that we take great care in how we deliver training and ensure that you have support throughout the PlasmaPen™ training process and beyond. You will be given several pre-course training modules to study in advance of the practical training, and you will be tested on these to ensure that you meet the basic criteria and have understood these elements.

The classes in our aesthetic training academy are kept to minimum sizes to ensure close mentoring throughout, or we ensure multiple trainers are on hand to support you through the learning process.

The PlasmaPen™ training course covers both academic and practical elements. Once you have completed the academic segment, you will know:

  • How the treatment works and how it differs from other med-aesthetic procedures
  • Which techniques you can use as well as when, where, how and why
  • How to undertake consultations and which clients are eligible for treatment
  • What insurance and legal elements that you will need to consider
  • How to set up a workstation
  • How to deliver aftercare and support to your clients
  • How to market and promote your PlasmaPen™ business to ensure that you see a return on your investment

The practical side of the course covers a demonstration of techniques by a Master Trainer, followed by guided learning and hands-on practice using real people. 

What support do you receive after qualifying?

Once you are certified as a PlasmaPen™ aesthetic practitioner, you will also have access to an online forum that connects the Louise Walsh global community, giving you access to our medical advisory panel as well as other Elite Technicians, Advanced Technicians and Master Trainers who will support you throughout your journey. 

For more information, or to apply for your PlasmaPen™ training, contact us.

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