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5 Things Your Clinic Can’t Do Without

by Plasma Pen UKAug 14,2023Plasma Pen™ Advice

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There is no denying that you want your clinic to be the best, but what makes a clinic one that clients want to choose? It’s not enough to offer a handful of treatments and a generic service, and hope for the best. You need to go above and beyond. Your clinic needs to provide a wide range of treatments – which is where PlasmaPen comes in – and a high level of client care. The five things below will get you off to an excellent start.

Ultrasonic Cleanser

Using high frequency sound waves, which are transmitted via liquid, an ultrasonic cleanser cleanses the surface of submerged items. This is extremely important in a cosmetic clinic for various reasons, such as boosting efficiency of procedures and the overall patient experience. The high frequency sound waves create micro-bubbles, and these agitate and dislodge dirt, debris and impurities from anything that’s inside the ultrasonic cleanser. This cleaning process ensures that all tools, instruments and equipment used in your clinic procedures are properly sanitised before use. This minimises the risk of contamination and infection.


There is no denying our passion for the PlasmaPen device, but it really is something that your clinic shouldn’t be without. As PlasmaPen is able to provide a wide range of treatments – ranging from eye lifts and face lifts, to plasma peels and sun damage correction – it’s a versatile and worthwhile investment. When you have PlasmaPen in your clinic, your cosmetic offers instantly increase.

PlasmaPen works in a unique way, boasting very little downtime for your client, and results are visible almost instantly. This is a huge selling point for your clinic, as a growing number of people are looking for cosmetic treatments that are simple and straightforward. Simply, people want results and they want them quickly. With a PlasmaPen device, this is something that you can provide in a safe, effective and professional way.


A dermatoscope is a portable tool that you can use to inspect and diagnose a variety of skin conditions. Though some skin problems are visible to the naked eye, many are not, and some need to be seen in extra detail. When this is needed, your clinic will benefit from having a dermatoscope. You can use a dermatoscope to magnify what your eyes can see – in the same way that a microscope or magnifying glass does – light up a specific area to give yourself a better view, and take pictures for later use. Once you have used a dermatoscope, it’s a lot easier to plan your course of treatment.

Experienced Staff

If there is one thing that your clinic can’t compromise on, it’s having experienced staff. They are key for any cosmetic clinic, large or small. The presence of knowledgeable and skilled professionals is a key part of providing high quality care and achieving successful results. They bring a high level of expertise to the table, and they are able to perform various cosmetic procedures with ease. Experienced staff can effectively communicate with patients, explaining how everything works and what they can expect. They can explain treatment options, benefits, risks and the expected outcomes. If a client has a question, experienced staff are there to answer.

If someone is booking themselves in for a cosmetic treatment, it’s because they are hoping to enhance their appearance. The experience of the staff significantly contributes to the level of care your clinic can offer and the outcomes that can be achieved. The majority of clients want natural-looking results, and this comes with experience, expertise and knowledge. A cosmetic clinic‘s reputation is built on the satisfaction and positive experiences of its patients. Without experienced staff, building this reputation can be a struggle.

Relaxing Seating

One thing that a lot of clinics overlook is the importance of relaxing seating. Having comfortable and relaxing seating in a cosmetic clinic is essential for creating a positive environment, one that is conducive to patient care. Comfortable seating contributes to a positive overall experience for patients, which will make them more likely to return. It helps someone feel welcomed, valued and at ease during their time at the clinic. This can reduce anxiety and stress associated with cosmetic procedures.

As clients may need to wait before their appointments or during recovery, you need to provide somewhere for them to relax. Relaxing seating can help to make the waiting more enjoyable and less frustrating. A lot of clients can find cosmetic treatments, even non-invasive ones, can be stressful or daunting. Though this doesn’t need to be the case, it often is for people who are having PlasmaPen treatment for the first time. Relaxing seating can help patients relax before and after their treatment, promoting a much more comfortable experience overall.

It’s also important to remember that providing comfortable seating demonstrates a commitment to patient care, which could separate you from other clinics in the area. It shows that you value the wellbeing and comfort of patients, which can lead to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty. Who knows, it might be the reason they recommend you to a friend.

We have worked in the cosmetic industry for a number of years, and so we know what makes a clinic stand out for all of the right reasons. As PlasmaPen is such a unique and innovative device, having it at your clinic is sure to entice clients from far and wide. It enables you to provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments, in a non-invasive and non-surgical way. To find out more about the benefits of PlasmaPen, get in touch with our helpful team.

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