PlasmaPen Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask

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Product Details

A skin rejuvenation device is a wearable and rechargeable phototherapy beauty device for household use.
The surface structure of this product is composed of medical silicone material, which is convenient and easy to use. It is foldable and portable, and can be fixed with adjustable nylon buckle according to different faces, suitable for different groups of people. It has 70 sets of 280 high-quality lamp beads, each containing 4 chips in a 4-in-1 lamp bead.

Each of the 4 lamp beads emits 4 different wavelengths (red light at 630nm, blue light at 460nm, yellow
light at 590nm, and near-infrared light at 850nm), and can be adjusted by the controller to emit 3 different energies and different lighting times. Based on the theory of phototherapy, the light wave irradiation
of this product is more beneficial for penetrating into the skin. Stimulate collagen and Elastin to produce
cells, achieving the effect of skin beauty.

Gear Mode:
Red Light: 1.2.3 Gear
Yellow Light: Gear 1.2.3
Blue Light: 1.2.3 Gear
Combination Light: Gear 1.2.3

Infrared light can be independently controlled or can be used in combination with one of the lights at will.

Near Infrared Light-850nm
Repair skin, improve blood circulation, and increase skin moisture.

Red Light-630nm
Anti-ageing, promoting collagen, tightening and increasing elasticity.

Blue Light-460nm
Sterilises bacteria, reduces inflammation & scars, and increases skin oxygen.

Yellow Light-590nm
Balances skin texture, stimulates red blood cells, reduces redness, swelling, and fine lines

The pillars of LED Light Therapy Masks
The effectiveness of an LED mask is influenced by four key factors: Power, Precision, Coverage, and Duration. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in determining the mask’s ability to deliver optimal results.

POWER: The amount of light emitted by each LED bulb directly affects the energy that reaches the skin. Excessive power can potentially harm skin cells, while inadequate power may not provide sufficient stimulation.

PRECISION: To trigger cellular rejuvenation, the mask must emit light at the optimal wavelength for the specific skin concern being targeted. Different wavelengths correspond to different skin issues, emphasising the importance of precise wavelength control.

COVERAGE: This factor refers to the extent to which the LED light covers the entire treatment area. An ideal coverage ensures uniform distribution of light across the skin’s surface, maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.

DURATION: The treatment time must be calculated based on the interplay between power, coverage, and precision. If the treatment is too short and underpowered, it may be ineffective. Conversely, if it is too long and overly intense, it may cause harm to the skin.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Reduce wrinkles by 24% in just 4 weeks with red & near-infrared LED mask.
  • Our Pillow Technology covers all areas of the face for maximum results.
  • 97% said skin looked brighter or fresher after using the LED face mask.
  • Quick, 10-minute treatment time.
  • Used by over 500,000 people across 80 countries.


Kind Reminder
Before opening the packaging for use, be sure to fully charge the battery of the mask, and the indicator light of the controller will start flashing to indicate charging. After fully charging, the battery display remains on. The charging time is about 4 hours. The upper mask is equipped with an adjustable Hook-and-loop fastener, which allows you to wear the mask comfortably.
To install the mask, thread the strap through the entrance hole on the other side of the mask, wrap the strap around the head and firmly secure it.

Product Operation
1 Power button: Press and hold for 2.5 seconds to enter the power on state, and the light will turn red when turned on.

2 The E key is the energy adjustment key: Short press to adjust and switch to the 3rd gear energy output mode

3. Timing key for lighting time: Press the T+button to increase the lighting time; Press the T-button to reduce the total lighting time by 5 gears (10/15/20/25/30min). It is recommended to use it for 15-25 minutes at a time.

4. Short press the M key to switch the lighting mode: blue light/yellow light/combined light/red light cycle in sequence, and the controller display screen will display corresponding symbols, red light (R)/blue light (B)/yellow light (Y)/combined light (G)

5. Short press the NIR button to freely turn on or off near infrared light.

6. During the charging process, the battery display key flashes, and when fully charged, the
battery display key turns off.

1. Please strictly follow the correct method of using this product and do not use the equipment outside of the instructions, otherwise it may cause machine malfunction or unexpected accidents.

2. Do not use this product to improve any other condition except for indications.

3. Pregnant women, lactating women, and children are not allowed to use this product.

4. If the user suffers from physical, sensory, and mental illnesses, or is undergoing dermatological disease improvement, including the onset period (such as lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema, or albinism), it is not recommended to use this product. If it is necessary to use it, it must be under the supervision of a dedicated person or under the guidance of a responsible person (such as a dermatologist) before using this product.

5. If you suffer from any photosensitivity disorder (photosensitivity), do not use this product. If you suffer from photosensitivity disorders, you may cause serious skin reactions.

6. Do not use on the same day as skincare products containing photosensitive ingredients.

7. Pay attention to protecting your eyes during use, wear eye protectors correctly, and it is recommended to close your eyes during use. If you have a genetic disease with your eyes, do not use a biological mask.

8. If there is any discomfort during the use of this product, please stop using it immediately.

9. This product is not waterproof. Do not immerse the equipment in water or rinse it with water.
If you think it has come into contact with water, do not use it.

10. Do not use it for infants or children, and store it out of reach of children.

11. If any parts are damaged, please do not use this product.

12. This product is only for daily use. Do not disassemble, modify, or repair it without authorisation.

13. It is recommended to use this product 3-4 times a week, with a single use time of 15-25 minutes.

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